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World Adjustment Occurring In 2006


By James Donahue

Jan. 9, 2006


While horrible events will continue occurring this year, Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue told his radio listeners Sunday that they are necessary as the world goes into what he called a time of “adjustment.”


“We are changing to a one-world socialist government,” he said. “This new government will begin formulating in 2006. This year is the beginning of the great judgment and we are in the midst of change.”


Donahue said it will be extremely important for the people to wake up to past mistakes and select a new leadership for this world government with great care. He warned that humans have been in a pattern of repetition for a very long time, continually choosing psychopathic killers like Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler and George W. Bush for positions of leadership.


“We must look to the future and do everything we can to prevent a repeat of this pattern,” he said.


To graphically demonstrate what he was talking about, Donahue directed viewers to his website at where he has graphic displays posted of a mutilated body of a bombed soldier and horribly deformed babies born of Iraqi women following exposure to depleted uranium fragments from American bombs dropped throughout that country since the U.S. attacked Iraq in 2003.


He said these are the real results of the actions of psychopathic leaders like President Bush. Donahue noted that Bush has been responsible for an estimated 30,000 deaths in Iraq alone since that attack, not counting over 2,000 American troops, another list of foreign troops, and another long list of American civilians who have died in that conflict.


“While President Bush is part of this pattern, we cannot judge him. We must judge ourselves for putting him in office,” Donahue said. He said the pictures on his website are the real images of “shock and awe” promoted by the Bush Administration prior to the start of our bombing campaign in Baghdad.


In the future, he said that it is important that we produce leaders that do not bring us casualties of war. “When you formulate a new world government, we must all make sure we do not produce this kind of reality again,” Donahue said.


He said the shift to a one-world government is not going to be a violent overthrow of existing governments, but a matter of everyone looking into their hearts and determining what is the right thing to do.


“We do this within your minds and your hearts. You will join the world socialist movement,” he told his radio listeners.


He said this movement is already springing up in Europe, South America and Asia.


“The Chinese do not want communism. They don’t want capitalism,” Donahue said.


The socialist movement will not be a government like communist Russia had under Stalin. “This is not what I am talking about. I am talking about a spiritual world socialism that seeks an eco-friendly world.” He said this government will recognize a need for environmental preservation and a fair allocation of the remaining international resources.


“We must have this kind of one-world government or we are all going to go extinct,” Donahue said.


“Our ecological system is fractured. It is destroyed. Who would have thought that the human race would rise up like it did and wreck its environment?”


Donahue said the lesson in all of this is that we cannot give the masses the power to destroy themselves because this is exactly what they will do. Democracy, capitalism and Christianity have been the tools by which they have destroyed the Earth’s ecology within a few short years.


Now our time on this planet is limited. If something radical is not done soon, the human race is doomed to extinction.



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