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Are We The Citizens Of Mythological Atlantis?


By James Donahue

November 2005


Something came to me this week as I read through an essay by author Laura Knight-Jadczyk dealing with the Christian story of the Beast and the End Times.


In the midst of the article Knight-Jadczyk referred to hyper-dimensional perspectives and a theory of time loops. She wrote that we must consider the hypothesis that we exist “in a time loop with major loops and sub-loops.”


She suggested that “the events of our major Time Loop extend from the time of the destruction of Atlantis to the present. We may very well be re-living the decay and destruction of that ancient semi-legendary empire. And if so, it behooves us to know who is on first, so to say.”


The author also suggested that within a sub-loop is a replay of a more recent series of events that began or ended with World War II. “We need to consider the idea that World War II was a trial run for the End Time Scenario,” she wrote.


While the comments were but a quick little side-trip by the author and only vaguely related to the topic, the paragraph jumped out at me. It was one of those “ah-ha!” moments when the light of truth switches on in your brain.


We know about time loops. They occur at various intervals during our daily lives. Anyone that is fully awake to reality knows that time is an illusion designed to satisfy the mental dwarf trapped in the third dimension. This is why, as Luciferians, we believe it conceivable for a machine to exist that can carry the DNA of both humans and animals back in time so that our existence continues on “in the loop,” so to speak.


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue believes this transport has occurred at least once before, and possibly more than once. The Biblical story of Noah is a crude attempt at explaining the memory of the last event when a remnant of the human race was rescued from extinction.


We always think of Noah and his people traveling forward through time so they arrive at a period right after the flood, or whatever great disaster ravaged the planet at that distant time in history.


But what if we are the civilization that followed Noah? What if the path we are on is the same exact one that Noah and his followers took at that early time? And what if we are, indeed, on a Time Loop, attempting to retrace our steps, and each time attempting to remember a little more so that we don’t make the same mistakes?


This is how we arrive at a distant moment in history when humanoids are no more than apes. Our DNA is planted by Lucifer into the unborn children of the primates from whom we sprang. These children were the giants of old, as remembered in mythology. We arrive on a grassy landscape without trees. But this is Eden. This is where humanity begins.


From the beginning of the loop there is cellular memory that we bring back from the earlier loop. From this memory springs the stories of the lost continents of Atlantis and Ur. We have a vague memory, but can’t quite put our finger on its origin.


This is why we cannot find a trace of these lost continents. They exist only in our cellular memory of an earlier trip through the loop. This also is where the myths about gods coming down to Earth and mating with the women have their origins. It also is the origin of the stories about the giants that once walked the planet.


We are the giants. When we return, we will be regarded as super creatures, children of the gods who came down and mated with the primate women. And in a sense, that is exactly what we will be.



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