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Aaron: Kicking Out The Parasite


By James Donahue

Oct. 23, 2005


The holy guardian angel that dominates our lives was identified by Aaron C. Donahue Sunday as a parasite that “slimes” into every human while they are unborn babies in the womb.


He said the angels become so engrained into our psyche that they control our thoughts and actions throughout our lives . . . that is, unless we find a way to get rid of them.


Speaking to his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio audience, Donahue said this is the problem with the world. People are being controlled by angels that connected to them before they were ever born.


“They are spiritual parasites operating outside of your conscious awareness,” he said. “Christians worship the holy guardian angel. The rituals of the church are designed to help maintain contact.


“Angels call themselves gods. They are not gods. Angels are beneath us. They don’t want you to know this,” Donahue said.


He said this has been going on with humans for 3,000 years. It was an angel that met Paul on the road to Damascus and convinced him that the angel was Jesus. That meeting set Paul off an a crusade that launched the Christian church.


That church set mankind on a dangerous path toward its own self-destruction. The angels have done this because they do not want humans to have dominion over them, Donahue said. They have never allowed us to know this. Instead, they have tricked us into thinking of them as gods and worshipping them.


Donahue said angels are depicted in old art works and contemporary images, but they are not the beautiful humanoids with wings depicted at Christmas. He said their image appears almost subconsciously in the form of the fish . . . long a symbol of Christianity . . . and also in those yellow ribbon images supporting U.S. troops fighting in the Middle East.


Donahue said angels look like a fish with its eye pointed upwards.


He said there will be no place for angels in the Luciferian Order. He said the first step toward driving the angels from the planet is to first get them out of ourselves.


To do this, each individual must “know thyself,” Donahue said. He said we all have dominion over the angels, even the one that has attached itself to us. But it must be our own decision to make it leave, and no one else’s.


Once we make this decision, we must order the angel within us to leave. We must really mean it, and be firm in making our demand.


That guardian angel is so engrained in each individual that it can leave a deep feeling of sadness when it leaves. But this is temporary, Donahue said.


Once the angel is gone, we realize that we have control of our own lives and our own destiny.  This is the Luciferian way.


“This is the way we will begin to change the world,” Donahue said. “We must first make a change within ourselves.”



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