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Psychic Aaron C. Donahue

The Predictions Of Aaron C. Donahue


By James Donahue

Sept. 2, 2005


Aaron C. Donahue’s psychic sister Jennifer Sharpe and Voice of Lucifer host Steve O treated radio listeners to a special Wednesday night broadcast  this week in which they talked about Donahue’s amazing psychic abilities.


“He is trying to make changes because he sees the future and he knows that the human race does not have to go down this road,” Sharpe said.


“People don’t understand that a good psychic is one whose predictions do not come true,” she said.


By that, Sharpe meant that if people hear the warning and change what they are doing in time, the event predicted by the psychic can be averted.


This, she explained, is what Aaron C. Donahue is trying to do.


“Aaron doesn’t have to do what he is doing,” she said. “He is controversial because he is telling people things they don’t want to hear. He is doing this because he cares.”


Instead of welcoming Donahue and utilizing his abilities to build a better world, the religious-controlled government leaders and media have censored Donahue and until this year, prevented him from getting his message out.


With the help of a handful of concerned supporters, Donahue has opened his own privately-funded Internet radio show that goes on the air every Sunday at 3 p.m. Pacific and 6 p.m. Eastern. Plans are to soon open a radio station that airs around the clock with music, news and commentary.


What Donahue has already done with that show has sent ripples through the media, in spite of the censorship. Major television personalities have quoted or remarked about some of the things Donahue has predicted, that came true, or accomplished live during the show. He has shown film clips on his website of a live demon that was evoked in his home, and a photograph of his own ghostly face projected from out of his body.


He says ghosts are not real. Instead, they are holographic projections from our own minds.


Sharpe said few people realize just how accurate Aaron’s predictions of the future are.


“I grew up with Aaron and got used to it. But he has always been an enigma,” she told the radio listeners.


She said if the radio listeners who still have doubts could know about all of the private predictions Aaron has made that have been spot-on, just among family members, they would be taking what he says on his radio show much more seriously.


Following are some of Aaron’s public predictions that came true.


--June 5, 2005: Predicted on Internet radio show that the fate of Saddam Hussein, alias Mabus, would be known on Aug. 8. On that exact day Reuters News Service reported that an Iraqi Tribunal judge said Hussein would go on trial in two months for the killings of civilians in a Kurdish community and that his sentence would be death by either hanging or he would be shot. The story was carried that evening on Fox News.


--Feb. 15, 2004 Aaron told Art Bell on Coast to Coast radio that President George W. Bush would be re-elected to a second term. He was correct.


--Also during that Feb. 15 broadcast, Aaron predicted chaotic weather patterns ahead. He said he saw a severe hurricane year ahead and he warned that because of global warming, the hurricanes would be growing in numbers and intensity every year after that. Since that broadcast, the U.S. was struck by six hurricanes and three tropical storms in 2004, the killer earthquake and tsunami on the Indian Ocean killed more than 150,000 people, and now Katrina, the eleventh named storm, fourth hurricane and third major hurricane of the 2005 season. The season isn’t half over.


--On his July 31 radio show, while the world watched the crew of the space shuttle Discovery go into space for the first time following the Columbia disaster and television commentators expressed concern for the mission, Donahue said the shuttle would have a good flight and the astronauts would return safely. He was correct.


--Sunday, June 13, 2004, Donahue posted a notice on his Internet website that he will stop the next terrorist attack on the United States for $10 million. He said this attack will be preventable, and well worth the price. Donahue and his sister, Jennifer Sharpe, say they both have had an early indication in their remote viewing data that there will be an attack. They say they have not looked again for further details because nobody has asked for it.


--Donahue also predicted that if Bush won the last election, the United States would be involved in a war with China that would escalate to a world war and nuclear exchange. He said China would win the war, but in the end, everybody would lose. The war would use up resources and further damage the Earth’s ecology that the planet’s death would occur more quickly than it now is happening.


--Donahue predicts that the human race will go extinct.

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