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Christians Want To Teach Creationism In The Schools


By James Donahue

Aug. 16, 2005


With Christians in control of the government and eventually the high court, many fundamental believers are pressing for the introduction of creationism in public school classrooms.


Instead of calling it creationism, however, they are disguising this once hotly contested word with the term “Intelligent Design.”


The phrase was promoted by William Dembski in his book “The Design Inference” where he lists God or an alien life force as possible sources of the variations of life on Earth.


No matter what it is called, the issue remains controversial because it omits the possibility of evolution and pre-biotic chemistry from a living planet as a natural origin and development of life. The theory asserts that certain features of the universe and of living things are best described by calling it intelligent design, without asking who or what the designer might be.


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue told his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio listeners Sunday that he sees the term Intelligent Design as another word for creationism, which is wrong.


Because he is able to use his skills as a psychic and advanced viewer into pre-historical data to examine the distant past, he said he has looked at the origins of life in the primordial soup and followed the evolution of creatures to modern man.


“I can fill in the blanks and thanks to science, I can support everything that I say,” Donahue said. “The geneticists working on the Human Gnome Project are learning more and more about our origins.”


Donahue said that when he examines the development of humans he finds a strange “bump in the road” which he calls alien intervention. This is told in mythology as the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The story in Genesis is twisted by the Christian belief system and turns Lucifer into an evil serpent that tempts the innocent humans into sin.


In reality, the serpent is a vision of the DNA helix, or coil, and Lucifer’s visit there involved an alteration of genes that turned the ape into humans.


The story of lost innocence means that the humans who emerged from the garden were no longer bound like the other animals of Earth by the rules of nature. These new children of Lucifer had the ability to build monuments, alter the nature of the Earth, and even go so far as to destroy the planet if they chose.


But that was not the role they were designed to follow. While we were given the freedom to choose, there was a covenant with Lucifer that was supposed to be maintained. This pact involved caring for the Mother Earth and following an evolutionary path that included both mental and spiritual growth.


Over the course of thousands of years, however, the humans took the wrong path. They began inventing tools and machines, and soon began a pursuit for materialism and wealth. They forgot who they were. They forgot the covenant, Donahue said. Now they have come to the point where they have destroyed the Earth.


This is the true story of human history, Donahue said. This is the story that should be taught in the schools, or told around the campfires, or however parents choose to instruct their children..


The Luciferian Order will be publishing children’s books that will teach this story in its proper form, he said.

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