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Aaron’s Amazing Prediction: Mabus Learned His Fate On Aug. 8


By James Donahue

Aug. 9, 2005


It was on June 5 that psychic Aaron C. Donahue told his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio audience that the fate of Saddam Hussein would be known to the world on August 8.


“I am telling you this as a prophet. I will say no more,” Donahue said.


As the date of this event drew close, there was a lot of interest in Aaron’s prediction as expressed in the forum on this site, and on Donahue’s radio chat room.


The news outlets were quiet throughout the day on Aug. 8. Was Aaron right? Some skeptics began to wonder.


Monday afternoon someone at Fox News slipped in a Reuters News Service report that stated: “Saddam Hussein will go on trial within two months on charges related to a mass killing of Shi’ite Muslim villagers in the village of Dujail in 1982, and Iraqi judge said on Monday, August 8.”


Just before midnight, Fox added a second line: “Trial details: Saddam will either be shot as a soldier or hung as a civilian.”


As far as we know, no other news network carried this story. But it did not go unnoticed. The news was out. Donahue’s prediction was a direct hit!


Donahue has repeatedly expressed a belief that Saddam is the person named by the Sixteenth Century French prophet Nostradamus as “Mabus.”  A quatrain by this prophet notes that “Mabus will soon die” and the death will spark the beginning of a “horrible undoing of people and animals.”


About two years ago, even before the United States invasion of Iraq and the capture and imprisoning of Hussein by American forces, Donahue said Saddam was Mabus. He said Mabus would be killed by the Antichrist just before the dreaded Biblical apocalypse starts.


Last week Donahue referred to the Thirteenth Chapter of the Book of the Revelation and drew a parallel with the Nostradamus verse with the opening of the Sixth Seal.


This event, often identified as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, depicts fire, smoke and sulfur coming from the nostrils of the horses. These elements bring three deadly plagues that sweep the Earth, killing a third of the human race.


Donahue warned that global warming, overpopulation and pollution have set the stage for a series of pandemics brought on by mutations in viruses, bacteria and even fungus.


The concern over the so-called bird flu virus, or H5N1, has the World Health Organization so alarmed scientific teams have been working overtime to develop an experimental vaccine in a last-ditch effort to ward off a possible pandemic. This virus spreads from birds to other animals, including humans. The death rate is extremely high and those that survive it remain ill throughout the remainder of their lives, Donahue said.


He also warned Sunday that soldiers fighting in Iraq are now dying from another yet unidentified pathogen, and a deadly new type of strep bacteria is jumping from pigs to humans in Asia. Are these forerunners of yet other new pandemics to follow?



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