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Examining The Reincarnation Theory


By James Donahue

August 2005


The concept of reincarnation, or the rebirth of a soul in another body following physical death, is ingrained in the human culture. It is a pagan belief. It also is taught as part of Hinduism and a form of it is even believed by the Buddhists.


There are an untold number of stories of people who, under hypnosis, in dreams, or following periods of unconsciousness, talk of memories from other lives, other cultures and even other languages.


In the world of psychic individuals we often find people who recognize familiarities in one another, as if they knew each other during an earlier life. Then there are the peculiar interests that we acquire during our lives that appear to have nothing to do with our environment. This writer, for example, has always had a strange interest in ships and the sea, even though he has never lived near the sea. It is as if there is a cellular memory of a seagoing person springing up from within his bones.


But is that strange memory of past lives a proof of reincarnation? And what about the Luciferian concept of sending personal DNA back in time to re-start the human race on a new path of evolutionary, mental and spiritual development? As the story is told we will be sending cellular memory of what we were and what we did wrong this time around so the children of history have new tools with which to work.


While it presents an appearance of a regenerated form of life, it is not reincarnation, according to Psychic Aaron C. Donahue. It is merely the implanting of cellular memory. This is something every human possesses. The cellular memory of generations, from the first one-celled life form all the way down the evolutionary chain to our parents, is buried in every cell in our bodies.


That we emerged from a spiritual place within the light of the soul of Lucifer, gives each of us a secret subconscious awareness of an eternal being . . . that we always were and always will be. This is why the threat of the death of the soul through the death of the planet is so difficult for us to comprehend. The human has no memory of non-existence. Thus the threat of blinking out and being no more is a looming horror too terrible to even allow ourselves to consider.


This also is why it is possible for every human to look within for self awareness. There is a way to seek our origins and find the divinity within. Within that cellular memory hides the DNA of Lucifer, the progenitor of the human race. Also within that memory can be found the pre-biotic chemistry of the Mother Earth from which we sprang.


Proof of this can be found in the peculiar shift in personal interests and even personalities when individuals receive the implants of body parts from other people. It is not uncommon for people with an implanted heart or kidney, for example, to suddenly have an interest in a particular kind of music, or hobby, when it did not exist in them prior to the implant.


The finding is that the cellular information from the donor is carried on into the recipient, and that the cells throughout the body quickly share and pass on this information.


This also is proof of Donahue’s claim that our bodies, as well as every member of the human race, belong to a vast information system that spans our universe and possibly beyond. Everything is in communication with everything else, from microbial life forms to the planets and galaxies. Information is being constantly generated and shared.


This is why a failure on our part to make successful contact with Lucifer, and send our cellular memory back into the past before our planet destroys us will be so tragic. All of the information stored in us that we have to share with the universe could be lost forever once the planet dies.


If that happens the Light of Lucifer, or the human soul, will blink out and we will be lost forever in nothingness.

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