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Aaron Projecting Himself Out Of The Body

The Truth Behind Those Messages From The Dead


By James Donahue

July 25, 2005


Those so-called “messages from the dead” that mediums have been selling to the public for years are auditory hallucinations and nothing more, listeners to Aaron C. Donahue’s Voice of Lucifer radio show were told Sunday.


“The dead are dead,” Donahue said. “Their nervous system is shut down. Their eyes no longer see. And they are no longer aware of you or anything around them.”


He said it is therefore impossible for the dead to communicate directly to their living relatives and loved ones, in spite of what people like John Edwards, Sylvia Browne and the many others that profit from their craft would like you to believe.


Edwards and Browne are picking up signals from the dead, all right, but they are no more than recordings of the person’s experiences while alive.


The voices they hear, and even electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) are just the mediums talking to themselves, Donahue said.


He said visions of spirits are holographic projections from our own minds. Sometimes these projections are so strong they can be seen by others and even photographed.


As an example, Donahue projected himself to have his image photographed out of the body. This picture appears above.


“This is what we do,” Donahue explained. “When we communicate, we communicate in pictures. People who see ghosts are actually projecting these images from their minds. Our brains are like holographic projectors.”


Donahue’s sister, Jennifer Sharpe, who hosted Sunday’s show, said she noticed that every house they lived in during their youth seemed to be haunted. She said she sometimes wondered if Aaron wasn’t attracting these spirits.


Aaron agreed that in a strange way, he was causing them. He said he has always been able to pick up on recordings from the dead and even experimented in EVP. He has found that people who do this somehow overlap their thoughts with the life experience of that dead person. This is why Edwards and Browne can appear to be a link between living relatives of the dead. In reality, there is no communication going on there at all.


People who hunt ghosts are merely picking up signals from their own brains. There are no real ghosts. What appears to be real are projections from their minds. “They can be real if you make them real,” he said.


Donahue said ghosts cannot tell you about the future, or about anything that happened after the moment of their death.


He said one of the entities he recorded in the house he is currently living in is a young girl who died sometime around 1920. He said he asked her about the future and all she could say was that “you are dead.”


Donahue said he has been testing his theories about ghosts because he is currently living in a house that seems to be very haunted.


“I have been exploring the haunted side of my home with various recording devices, techniques and magickal work. What I found will not sit will with those who believe that human contact is possible from beyond the grave.


“What is possible involves the auditory hallucination, holographic projections and non-historical overlay,” Donahue said.


Communicating with the spirit world on the whole, which includes living entities that exist around us but are outside of our awareness, is a different matter, he said.


Donahue exhibited his ability to do this by producing a video and photograph of a living entity, or demon.

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