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Demon Appearing At Left

The Picture Shows A Live Demon


By James Donahue

July 24, 2005


Psychic/Magickian Aaron C. Donahue told his Internet Voice of Lucifer radio audience Sunday that the picture appearing on the front page of his website as well as this site shows a single frame of video film footage of a living demon.


In the film, which can be viewed by going to Donahue’s site at, you see the demon looking at Aaron, who stands in the foreground with his back to the camera. Then you see it move across the room.


Donahue said the film was produced following a special evocation. “I called upon this spirit to present itself for this show,” he said. “As far as I know it is the first time a demon has ever been evoked to be photographed.”


While it has a humanoid shape, the entity in the room with Aaron is obviously not human. It’s head is narrow on top and wide on the bottom. It sports a bulbous nose and jutting chin. The mouth, if you can call it that, is but a shadow under the nose.  The shoulders are narrow and the body projects from them straight to the floor.


The apparition appears solid at first, yet you realize it is translucent because you can make out objects and light on the other side of it as it moves through the room. Also the shape of its body morphs slightly as if it is struggling to maintain its shape.


Donahue explained that what we were seeing was really a holographic image of a humanoid shape, projected into the room by the demon. He said the entity did this because it did not wish to frighten viewers. It attempted to make its image look as humanoid as possible.


He would not name the demon.


Donahue said he evoked this entity and photographed it to demonstrate his ability to present spiritual truth. He said he wants everyone to know that he works for Lucifer and that he has an important message for the world that he has been blocked from presenting.


He said the world is racing toward the end and mankind is not prepared for what is about to happen to it.


“It was our duty to spiritually evolve. It was our duty to keep the covenant and preserve the Mother Earth. We are all being tested.


Donahue said he has a plan to put the human race on a high-speed track for evolution. It will be a last-ditch effort to save at least a remnant of mankind before we all go extinct. But while he is battling to be heard, the angelic and Christian controlled media is working hard to shut him out.


Donahue said the veil is being torn and the four great world religions that have entrapped mankind in fear for thousands of years are about to crumble. The Christians are fighting to prevent this and are on the verge of starting a world war. In the end they will not succeed.


“The veil is tearing. The truth is coming for you,” Donahue said.

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