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Aaron Leads Luciferians Into The Eye Of A Typhoon


By James Donahue

July 18, 2005


Voice of Lucifer Internet radio personality Aaron C. Donahue asked his listeners to follow him into the eye of Typhoon Haitang as the monster storm bore down on the Island of Taiwan Sunday.


In what turned out to be an amazing collective effort of mental communication Donahue and an unknown number of listeners “talked” to the storm through the Mother Earth and not only turned its course, but diluted its power even as its force was making landfall.


Haitang was roaring out of the Pacific Ocean as a Type Five Typhoon, packing winds of up to 160 miles per hour. Even as the eye of the storm was beginning to deliver heavy rains and winds on Taiwan, however, the typhoon made a strange jog to the north, then went south, and actually turned back out to sea. (Link to track of storm at end of show)


At the same time the eye of the storm seemed to weaken and it appeared as if the typhoon was dissipating with every new frame produced in satellite digital imaging.


Donahue remained on the air Sunday an extra hour and a half, getting computer images of the storm and watching the results of his experiment up until about 11 p.m. Eastern Time. The attached chart above shows the storm at 11 a.m. Taiwan time. Notice that the link shows the storm went back to its original track after 11 p.m. when the show went off the air.


“We have had a dramatic effect on this storm,” Donahue told his audience. “We did this together.”


News reports early today said the storm made an unexpected turn back out to sea after standing in one place and whirling for a long time, then made a complete loop before returning to its original course, with its eye striking Taiwan just south of the Capital City Taipei.


By then, however, the winds were diminished to about 114 miles per hour and the storm was reduced from a deadly Category Five to a Category Three. While it toppled trees, severed power lines and caused extensive flooding, the losses in life and property was drastically reduced.


The flooding brought extensive crop damage, however, just prior to the harvest.


Donahue said the storm was a message from the Mother Earth to the people of Taiwan at a key moment in the history of that island.


Because of a political effort by the Taiwanese to separate itself as a country from mainland China, there is a looming threat of a world nuclear war, Donahue said.


He said he wanted to use the minds of the Luciferians to collectively turn the storm and possibly stop it in its tracks to save the people of Taiwan and China from extensive death and destruction.


Donahue said he hoped the demonstration would produce enough of a dramatic change in the storm that he would be invited to speak to the people on Taipei television later this year.


Donahue said he has an important message for the people of Taiwan that he believes will change their lives and possibly head off a looming world war between China and the United States, He said this war could have its roots over China’s unwillingness to release Taiwan as an independent nation.


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