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Aaron: America – Get Your Kids Off Ritalin!


By James Donahue

July 10, 2005


The message was clear during Sunday’s Voice of Lucifer Internet radio show – American mothers have been using the addictive drug Ritalin to turn bright children into robots.


And Psychic Aaron C. Donahue warned that the drug has been found to cause chromosome damage in children that could later lead to cancer or brain disorders like Parkinson’s Disease.


He demanded that parents wake up and take their children off Ritalin. He told the young people listening to the show who are on the drug to rebel and refuse to take it.


“Attention deficit disorder is not a mental problem. It is an intellectual evolution,” Donahue said.


He said these children are being born with a successful evolutionary mental ability to cope with the chaotic world that we are entering. “These kids are blessed,” Donahue said.


He said parents from what Donahue called the “toxic generation” are exposing their children to the extreme risk of cancer by not only feeding them Ritalin, but also giving them cell phones. Both are found to be a cause of brain problems.


Donahue said Ritalin is a highly addictive drug so that children will go through a withdrawal period of from two weeks to a month when they quit taking it. He recommended the travel sickness medication Bonine or Marzine, sold over the counter in any drug store, to help relieve the feelings of uneasiness.


He said to put some of the tablet of the medication under the tongue for quick relief.


Donahue said young people need to get off this drug before they can free their brain and begin to achieve spiritual growth.


“Tell your parents to go to hell. You don’t need Ritalin to be normal,” Donahue said.


He said he believes some parents like to have their children drugged as a form of control.

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