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Aaron Predicts: The Fate Of Mabus Will Be Known Aug. 8


By James Donahue

May 9, 2005


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue told his Internet radio audience Sunday that the fate of political captive Saddam Hussein, the figure identified by Sixteenth Century French psychic Nostradamus as “Mabus,” will be known to the world on August 8 of this year.


“I am telling you this as a prophet. I will say no more,” Donahue said.


He repeated once more his belief that Saddam is the person named “Mabus” that appears in the Nostradamus quatrain that warns of a horrible world event. This English translated verse reads:


"Mabus then will soon die, there will come
A horrible undoing of people and animals:
At once vengeance one will see vengeance,
One hundred hands, thirst, famine, when the comet will run."


About two years ago, even before the United States invasion of Iraq and the capture and imprisoning of Dictator Saddam Hussein by American forces, Donahue said Saddam was Mabus and that he would be killed by the Antichrist just before the dreaded Biblical apocalypse begins.


At the time, Donahue suggested that George W. Bush is the antichrist because it will be his doing that brings about the death of Saddam Hussein and launches a Third World War.


How does he come to this conclusion?


Mabus appears to be the name Nostradamus gives to a third antichrist that rises up in the end times. The other two were Napoleon, who is clearly defined in the old quatrains, and “Hister,” believed by many to be a misspelling of Hitler.


Donahue wrote that “Mabus is Saddam and it may seem clear to most that this man is responsible for triggering World War III.” But Donahue is not satisfied with putting Saddam Hussein in the shoes of an antichrist. While a ruthless dictator during his rein in Iraq, he is not unique in the world. His death, however, will be brought about because of the actions of U.S. President Bush, who rules the most powerful military force existing in the world.


Bush is flexing this military muscle and bringing about mass killings that are as terrible and as brutal as caused by any government leader since the days of Hitler. His order to launch a war in Iraq brought about the fall of that country’s government, the arrest of Hussein, and the establishment of a puppet government there that is preparing to bring Hussein to trial for “war crimes.”


It is expected that this kangaroo court will find Saddam Hussein guilty and sentence him to a quick death.


Donahue names a date, August 8 of this year, when the result of this trial, or Hussein’s sentence, will be known.


He notes that the Nostradamus verse also points to a “horrible undoing of people and animals” at about the time Mabus dies. What is this?


Donahue believes a new variant of the Avian Flu, or H5N1, may cause a world pandemic this fall that meets this criteria to the letter. It is a killer influenza that first broke out in birds, but last winter began spreading to hogs and even people in various Asian countries. Its origins are China, where thousands of chickens, geese and other domestic foul have been slaughtered in a futile attempt to restrain the disease.


While there is a rush to develop a vaccine, medical people are not sure that enough vaccine can be developed in time to protect many people from what is about to come down upon them. Donahue foresees a looming “killing tide” that begins this fall with a pandemic that strikes “both people and animals.”


The quatrain concludes: At once vengeance one will see vengeance, One hundred hands, thirst, famine, when the comet will run."


Donahue believes this is a description of a world war. He predicts that it will be primarily a war between the United States and China, although other nations may get involved. Before it is over the war will escalate to a nuclear exchange.


In the end China will win and the United States will be no more.


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