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How Did Human Racial Diversification Happen?


By James Donahue


If the Tower of Babel story is incorrect and a mythological god didn’t magically change humans into a hodge-podge of unique races with different skin color, language and general bodily appearance, how did it happen?


From what we know about our own origins by way of Luciferian genetic manipulation, we must assume the other races were created in much the same way, but under different circumstances.


There are three reasonable ways of thinking about what was going on during the early development of humanoids on this planet.


a.)   All of the different races and cultures evolved slowly and on their own in different parts of the world from different types of primates, but all arriving at about the same place as various forms of Homo sapien.


b.)   Lucifer conducted many experiments with various Earth primates until he reached success. Some of the experiments were failures while others succeeded, but established the differences we find today.


c.)    Other alien races, after seeing Lucifer’s work on this planet, imitated his work. Because of the constant racial tensions, it is suggested these aliens were angels working to sabotage Lucifer’s plan.


The failure by archaeologists and geologists to find that “missing link” proving evolutionary progression from ape-like creatures living in caves to civilized humans building monuments and shelters, seems to rule out a natural evolutionary process. The sudden appearance of intelligent humans supports some kind of sudden change that either came magically from a creator in the clouds, or from alien genetic intervention,


Thus b. and c. are the more likely answers to this riddle.


Psychic and Luciferian High Priest Aaron C. Donahue says he has examined human origins and finds that we are products of Lucifer’s handiwork, but he admits that he has not examined the cause of the diversity of the races.


He said it is his general opinion that we are all products of Luciferian genetic experimentation that may have gone on for a very long time.


He would not rule out angelic trickery, however.


Support for a progression of experiments can be found in the fossilized remains of a wide variety of humanoid creatures that once existed, ranging from Sahelanthropus tchadensis, a creature that lived over 7 million years ago, to Homo neanderthalensis, or Neanderthal man, who existed from about 230,000 years ago and then disappeared as late as 30,000 years ago.


Thus it is evident that a lot of thought and experimentation went on before Lucifer successfully developed the modern Homo sapien in his laboratory. Our arrival triggered a sudden avalanche of archaeological evidence. Not only tools but pottery, clay and carved stone figures of humans and animals, and the foundations of buildings are found almost at the same level of the geological spectrum.


Almost overnight, we were turned from animals to thinking creatures that clearly proved an awareness of ourselves through monument building.


The blemish in this picture is the racial diversity. The problem isn’t that we have a variety of races, languages and cultures, but that these different races seem to be naturally involved in spiritual warfare with one another.


The blacks and whites have been at odds for as long as history has been recorded. The yellow skinned races have perhaps blended best with the others, although there have been many wars throughout history.


Aboriginal tribes throughout the world remain unique unto themselves and rarely, if ever, mix with the other races.


That we can all breed with each other and create successful offspring is proof that we sprang from the same humanoid stock, however. The difference seems to be found in slight alterations in the genetic batch used to put us all together in the first place.


If angels were involved in making some of the races, and the angels are at war with Lucifer, then there may be a reason for the nonsensical warfare raging on this planet between nations with different racial and ethnic history.


We are but an extension of the spiritual warfare raging around our heads. Yet we were all given the same bicameral brains and the same ability to evolve into more than we are. The four great world religions started us all on this path, but we never took the next step on the ladder.

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