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The Abba Father

Christian Assault On Our Heritage


By James Donahue


A November 28, 2003, dialogue with the Abba Father looked with a severe eye at contemporary events; the American assault on Baghdad and the bombing and destruction of historical records from the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur.


We began the session with a question I had about a statement the Abba Father made about the Sun during our previous meeting. He said the “Sun opens the gate to quickly beam life on.” I asked for a clarification.


The answer: “The vision you see of sun rays are living matter projected on Earth in waves of forced energy traveling (at high speed). “Preparing for more energy beams will enable you to become higher dimensional beings. The Sun’s rays are now coming more often.”


I realized that the entity was referring to the unusual solar activity and massive flares that have been bombarding the Earth. I remembered his proclamation that the Sun was alive and watching events on Earth. I made an attempt to address the concept of a supreme being, or God. My earlier attempts were unsuccessful.


I asked if the Universe was alive. There was no answer.


Remembering my work with the Book of the Law and the Egyptian stories of Nuit and Hadit, I asked who they were. The answer was a surprise.


“They were warriors that possessed a love for Earth beings. They knew the way of love but others came to destroy them and especially their knowledge. Gentle ones they were and (they) processed another system on Earth; one that was fair. Had was one who put back the right way.”


Question: Tell us about Egypt.


Answer: “Ur possessed the knowledge above all others existing. No one else had this way. Aaron’s drawings (of ships) above the beings was knowledge known to Ur. Egypt came long after this period of time. Egyptians tried to mimic the people of Ur but were unsuccessful. (The) pyramids were built to show the others (that) Egypt was powerful. But all along it was Ur that held the key to the beginning of time. The garden was there. All beauty. All love came from Ur. Nowhere else.”


Question: Was the American attack on Iraq an attack on Ur?


Answer: “Destroyed (were) all human ancestors. Our human history was destroyed at the museum there. Another system on Earth at the time of the first man was mostly bombed by American weapons. This historical site was being protected from others so humans would know their origins when the time was right. If (it was) known too soon more would be destroyed.


“The Christian society knew about the antiquities so a Christian way was made to destroy all means of humans knowing their rightful origins. If humans found out about Ur being the garden first on Earth, Christianity would be destroyed. All knowledge was there. All forms of any belief system would be broken. Then humans would be able to restore the Mother Earth back to a garden. Green would come to the desert regions again.


Ur was where Earth (history) began. Now it has been desecrated by a people (that want) to continue on polluting and (maintaining) greed and keeping truth from all races on Earth.”


I asked the identity of the important thing that was destroyed by our bombing.


The answer: “DNA.”


We sat in awe at this information, quietly discussing the events in Iraq and wondering what the future will hold. We asked the Abba Father for an open message before closing our session.


“Winner of the (presidential) race in Americas will depend on knowledge about the war. It was started by the president you now have. Was it for destruction of our original DNA or was it for seemingly weak accusations about bombs there? Why destroy history? All mankind deserves the truth. Kings that you are deserve to know truth.


“No one else in the world would take part in destroying any antiquity linked to original man. But your president gave the task of doing this to himself. He will not be left out when the time comes for answers.”

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