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An Examination Of The Story Of Noah


By James Donahue


Of all the miracle accounts in the Bible, the story of Noah and the ark he built so a remnant of humans and living creatures could escape cataclysmic events has survived scholarly efforts of disproval.


Not only is the story found in the fifth chapter of the Book of Genesis, a comparable account is told in the Epic of Gilgamesh and flood stories survive in many tribal myths including the American Indians and on the Islands of Hawaii.


Just what happened at that distant time in the past, and why it occurred, remains a mystery. All of the stories say there was a great flood. Yet some have shown through scientific data and mathematics that even with the collapse of a suggested vapor canopy it would have been impossible for enough water to gather over the surface of the Earth to cover all of the land.


Archaeological and geological discoveries show that something spectacular brought cataclysmic events that caused a mass extinction at least once, if not several times in the history of this planet.


There are various places, now raised as high as mountain peaks, that show fossil evidence of once being sea beds. The ruins of a once great City of Tiahuanaco, near the boundary of Peru and Bolivia, show that the place was a harbor with well-designed docks capable of accommodating hundreds of vessels. Yet the place today is found on a plateau 4000 meters above sea level.


The ruins of other ancient cities have been found in hundreds of feet below sea level, deep in the Mediterranean, Gulf of Mexico and just off the coasts of India and Japan. They give credibility to the myths about splendid civilizations of Atlantis and Lemur that were destroyed by powerful earthquakes before sinking into the sea.


Obviously the Earth experienced cataclysmic upheavals of its surface, long after civilizations were established. But when did all of this happen?


That the ruins of well developed cities with docks to accommodate ships are found on a high plateau suggests that an advanced civilization existed a very long time ago. But does that conflict with the Biblical time table, setting the flood at about 5,000 to 6,000 years ago?


Geological evidence suggests that the dinosaurs went extinct from some kind of cataclysmic event about 65 million years ago. Evidence in the rocks also seems to show that humanoids with enough intellect to hunt and wear foot coverings, lived at the same time as the dinosaurs. But was it a flood and did it happen that early in human history? And if so, how could there be such a wide variation in time estimates?


Psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue says he has examined this problem and finds that humans have, indeed, been on this planet a very long time. He suggests that we have developed into great societies and then failed more than once, each time escaping from some kind of disastrous event that brought us to a threat of extinction.


The last time this happened, Lucifer, the human progenitor, was summoned and help came. It may have happened more than once. Each time there was a last second rescue of a critical remnant of the human and animal species, brought through time and then deposited at a point where the project was started all over.


What is this project?


Humans are created for a very special purpose. We have been given magnificent bicameral brains which, when working in unison, become a vast information system that feeds into the universal information system.


The effort has always been to get the human brain working correctly, with every human utilizing the full extent of our brains.


Unfortunately, because of clever intervention by angelic energies that do not want us to succeed, we have been diverted. We have wrongly followed false religious systems that involved the false worship of angels. These religious systems generate a fear-based social platform where humans are discouraged from activities that expand mental and spiritual evolution.


Ironically, the angels were allowed to interact with us as a challenge to our intellect. The diverse and conflicting thinking was supposed to force us to utilize our brains and outfox the spiritual forces before they destroyed us. So far, it has not worked and we keep falling victim to the ruse.


Consequently, Donahue says, we have been brought back to try again and again, each time bringing some distant memory through DNA projection, into our new environment. Each time we seem to be getting closer and closer to succeeding.


“We almost made it this time,” Donahue said.


He said the critical moment of failure occurred in the 1960s, when a last ditch move to introduce LSD to the youth created a Hippie culture that caught a glimpse of truth through the assistance of this powerful mind-expanding drug.


Unfortunately, LSD was an artificial tool that was quickly declared illegal by angelic controlled governments. Even though they momentarily saw and even understood the problem, the youth of that generation failed to remain focused or do anything about it. Thus this “last ditch” attempt to wake us up failed.


Now the world is again moving toward total life extinction. There is a crucial need for another escape by a remnant.


Donahue said he believes the Noah story has occurred and may have reoccurred several times in the past. The danger is that each time we fail, we have no guarantees that we will succeed in making yet another escape.


In the Biblical story, Noah met extreme social resistance. He was the target of constant barrage of ridicule while building the “ark.”


Rather than a ship, Donahue believes Noah was building a machine that was designed to call upon Lucifer and the Luciferian alien race for help. That we are still here is proof that he succeeded.


The question now is: can we do it again?

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