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Aaron Calls For Luciferian Separation


By James Donahue

March 13, 2005


Psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue warned his radio listeners Sunday that the world is moving quickly into another period of Dark Ages, when the emphasis of the human endeavor is on established religions and materialism instead of spiritual growth, education and the creative arts.


In his second consecutive Internet radio broadcast, Donahue was joined by his sister, Jennifer Sharpe, in calling forth people “of our kind” to separate themselves from the darkness through participation in a spiritual awakening in the name of Lucifer, the real progenitor of the human race.


The show is hosted by producer, Steve "O."


Donahue said he wants to use his weekly radio show to teach the principles of Luciferianism, distribute books, launch a new musical group that will introduce the 72 Tones of the Goetia, and eventually open temples around the world for spiritual education and fellowship.


He said he is preparing two separate books. One will teach Luciferians how to win simple lottery draws and gain enough money to quit their enslaving jobs and devote important time to spiritual growth. The second book will be instructions on how to turn a home bedroom into a “Chamber 17” to cut off the barrage of radio, television, cell phone and other microwave rays that bombard the brain and affect normal sleep patterns.


“The purpose of our gathering is not to worship Lucifer,” Jennifer said. “This is not a religion.”


Donahue said the ultimate goal of the group will be to study and achieve spiritual growth, and to work collectively to make contact with Lucifer so that a remnant of humanity can escape the looming death of our planet.


For now, he said, the people who seek to join the group should be gathering and purchasing property in the same communities and neighborhoods. “We all know who we are. We are different from the rest of the world and until now, we thought we were alone. We need a place were we can meet with others of our kind and discuss something other than the weather and other mundane things that the zombies of the world talk about,” Donahue said.


Donahue drew a parallel between the Luciferian concept and the Satanists, founded by the late Anton LaVey in 1966. “We are alike. The Satanists look to the divinity within and I have no argument with that. Our purpose is to make contact.”


Donahue said the world is in danger of falling back into a period of mass stupidity, like the Dark Ages, where the uneducated masses are caught up in false religious fervor, superstition and witch burning, with the church pulling all of the political strings.


He said the signs are everywhere. “The President of the United States is on his knees every Sunday, following an outdated religion that should have died out 500 years ago,” Donahue said. He noted that there is less and less emphasis on education, a growing separation between the rich and the poor, a depletion of the world’s natural resources, an overpopulated and illiterate world and our planet is dying.


This time the Dark Ages will be far worse than they were between 450 and 1000 AD, Donahue warned. He said it will be a time when the poor work long hours for meager wages without any chance for advancement. Consequently, there will be no leisure time for the mental and spiritual growth needed before contact can be achieved.


While Donahue said he believes Lucifer will reach down to us, we cannot expect him to do it if we don’t do the work. Thus the Luciferians will be committed to evolving in preparation for reaching up. Hopefully the two sides can meet somewhere in the middle.


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