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The Thing Looking Back From Bush's Head

Aaron Donahue: George W. Bush Is Possessed


By James Donahue

December 2004


Psychic remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue has posted two new images on his website at that indicates President George W. Bush is possessed.


The thing in President Bush is identified by Donahue as an angel. Its name is purposefully withheld. Donahue writes that the angel is “associated with a programmed system of belief that precludes the reality of Armageddon.”


Two remote viewed drawings are presented on Donahue’s site. One shows the top, or head of the entity projecting from the side of the head of President Bush. Donahue said he produced this image by surprise while remote viewing Mr. Bush during a recent public speaking appearance.


He said he was drawing the back of the president’s head during the talk, and was shocked to find the being’s head jutting from that of Bush, and looking directly back at him. It was very aware that it was being observed.


The second drawing offers a full body portrait of the angel that occupies Mr. Bush. It has what Aaron describes as a “strange tube-like morphology” and appears to possess but a single eye.


That this particular angel promotes a belief in Armageddon is very bad news. It suggests that Mr. Bush will continue to drive America into a world war from his high seat of power.


Armageddon is the Biblical name for the final world conflict between good and evil. The Christians believe that Jesus Christ will return from above, raise his “followers” to the clouds with him, and then lead the “saints” in a great victory over the armies of the world. This is all supposed to happen in a place that is believed to be in the plain of Jezreel, in a valley near Mount Carmel. 


From the images projected from the Book of the Revelation, blood in that battlefield will flow so deep it will reach the hubs of the wagon wheels.


This conflict is believed by Christians to signal the beginning of a thousand year time of peace, when Christ reigns over the world.


The story is a wild fabrication by a fanatical religious sect that will not happen, Donahue warns.


While the Middle Eastern conflicts are already raging, they will not culminate into a major world conflict. The big war that looms, but still can be prevented, will be between China and the United States, Donahue says.


The conflict will be a long and bloody one. It will conclude with nuclear strikes against both China and the United States, with China emerging as the victor.


The victory, however, will be shallow. Both nations will be severely damaged in the process, Donahue warns.


The Christians and other religious zealots of the world will remain on Earth to suffer and die with everybody else during the conflict.

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