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Science Vs Religion On Human Origins


By James Donahue

November 2004


The first term paper I ever wrote was on this very subject. I tackled it for a high school writing class and found myself embroiled in a hornet’s nest of conflicting papers and thought at an early age.


Because the subject was tackled from radically different points of view, with Christians using only a faith-based belief system with which to gage truth from fiction, it was difficult to write a balanced and objective paper.


The issue was argued by two of the top legal minds in the land during the famous Scopes Monkey Trial more than a century ago. And now, with the church now claiming power over the White House, Congress and the courts, it is springing to life yet again.


A recent commentary by Edward J. Larson, professor of science and law at the University of Georgia, examined a case in Cobb County, Georgia, that will be going before a federal court. It seems that Christian parents want evolution taught alongside creationism in their high schools.


Larson notes that creationism could, indeed, be taught as a belief system, but he argues that the concept has no place in a biology class because it cannot be interpreted as a scientific theory. Evolution, on the other hand, can because there is scientific evidence found on the planet to at least support it as a plausible theory.


“The norms of science call upon scientists to account for physical phenomena in terms of natural – repeatable, observable, testable – causes,” Larson writes.


“Even if God specifically created the first humans in his image in a one-time event, that could not be a naturalistic explanation for our existence. It might be true, but it cannot be science. It’s supernatural, not natural.”


And that was the very dilemma I found myself facing when I attempted to write that early term paper on this complex subject. I would hate to go back and read now what I wrote. In fact, I cannot remember just what conclusions I reached so long ago.


They obviously have changed since then. That is because I am quite convinced that both explanations concerning human origins are incorrect.


While I believe there was an evolutionary process on this planet that brought about the existence of animals and plants, something very unique occurred that brought humans into the mix.


We came from alien stock. While our roots are in the Mother Earth, our DNA came from the stars. We are the children of the alien we refer to as Lucifer.


That alien, or alien race, came to this planet a very long time ago and chose a natural creature of the earth, probably homo erectus, and proceeded to genetically alter its DNA to create homo sapiens. These early humans, the first Adam, then were our ancestors.


In this strange way, Lucifer became the progenitor of the human race.


I believe this, like the theory of evolution, can be proven scientifically. But the idea has repulsed the Christian community so deeply that Aaron C. Donahue, the spokesperson for Lucifer, has been blacklisted by every radio, television and media agency out there. Ever since he first broached the subject on the Art Bell Coast-to-Coast radio show, Donahue has been cut off from any media contact.


If the Christians will go to this extreme to silence Aaron, how can we ever expect the scientific community to look at this as a serious theory? And even if they did, when do you think our teachers would be allowed to tell our children about it?

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