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The Vapor Canopy Over The Garden


By James Donahue


“And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament . . .” Gen. 1:6-7


Bible scholars tend to think of the Garden of Eden as a specific place on Earth. This is because the Genesis story says God cast both Adam and Eve out of the garden as punishment for sin, and that angelic beings were stationed as guards at the gate so no one could enter the place again.


The mythology is a bit twisted. The garden was the entire Earth as it was in its perfect setting before humans arrived. The angels are, indeed, on the Earth today and they are doing everything in their power to make sure we never return to that state again. But that doesn't seem to be by devine plan.


Scientists have been in debate over just what that world looked like, but all agree that the garden in its original form was very different than what it is today. The living animals were much larger . . . and the creatures and giant trees existed everywhere . . . even in the arctic tundra and Antarctica. That giant dinosaurs with unusually small lungs could exist on the planet then is a clear indication that the atmosphere was extra rich in oxygen. That the heavy pterosaur, with its stubby body and 11-meter wing span could fly, hints that the atmosphere also was much heavier.


Thus has emerged the vapor canopy theory. This theory suggests that a thick humid cloud cover surrounded the Earth like a protective barrier, creating a perfect tropical climate everywhere, eliminating the need for rain, and preventing winds and storms. The entire planet was lush and green. Animals roamed everywhere, feeding on the vegetation. And the first humanoids, Adam and Eve if you will, were allegedly free to live in the nude, never having to worry about protective coverings to block harmful solar rays or keep themselves warm.


This wonderful world charged dramatically when something happened to cause the vapor canopy to collapse. When it did, the theory suggests, the world was flooded, severe cold gripped the northern and southern caps, and storms ravaged the Earth from that day on. That the remains of giant trees are found in the Antarctic ice, and extinct animals are found in the frozen tundra with the vegetation they were eating still in their mouths, show that the change, when it happened, came with lightning speed.


There is a flaw in the theory, however. Opponents argue that by today’s standards, there could not be enough water in the atmosphere to have literally flooded the planet. One physicist calculated that if the moisture was at 100 percent saturation, at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, it would require an atmosphere 43,000 miles high to hold that much water.


The cloud from all of that pent-up moisture would not only shield the Earth from sunlight, it would create a fog layer dense enough to completely block all sunlight. Thus the planet would have been left in perpetual darkness.


So how do we solve this complex puzzle? It is obvious that the Earth had a very different environment when the dinosaurs roamed some 80 million years ago. A recent article in New Scientist reports that a study of bubbles formed in fossilized tree resin and also in amber formed during that period confirms that the atmosphere contained 50 percent more oxygen than it does now.


Clearly a very different environment existed during the earlier times on this planet. Clearly the planet was warm and friendly for life everywhere, even at both poles. If there was no vapor canopy, how else can this be possible?


That the atmosphere was different has been proven. That the planet was flooded also has been proven by fossilized remains of shells and other sea creatures in rocks found on high mountain areas. Also the flood story exists in human mythology told in tribal rituals from all over the world, from every culture.


I might suggest that the person who calculated the 43,000 mile thick cloud of fog that would have blocked out the sunlight based his mathematics on known variables that exist on the planet today.


Something else was in play during those early years that made a vapor canopy very possible. A Christian might say that it was done by the power of his deity. In a sense that would not be too far off base.


From a Luciferian point of view, we see all of creation as a living organism. The Earth is alive, as are all of the planets, the suns, the entire solar system and the galaxies. We are all part of a complex information system that is busy transmitting data. It is our reason for existence.


If the story that the creation of humans was to be an important part of the entire information system . . . that is, we were made and given the ability to evolve to the point where we generate information that makes the universe aware of itself . . . then there was a collective effort put forth from throughout to make sure we came into existence. We didn’t happen by accident.


That a vapor canopy surrounding a planet would be unstable, at best, seems to have been proven by history. The canopy that existed here collapsed, but not before a complex system of life was well established.


If it was the will of the Universe to put a vapor canopy around the planet selected for humans to live, then could we not offer the argument that such a place was possible. It appears to have happened. We haven’t yet conceived how it was done. 


Copyright - James Donahue 

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