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That Mayan Calendar Thing

It’s December 21 And We’re Still Here!

By James Donahue

If you are reading this, the Christians haven’t all disappeared with Jesus into the clouds, and we haven’t launched World War III, then my congratulations to us all. The world is still here and everybody can proceed with the looming holiday celebrations as planned.

We suspect a lot of people woke up this morning with pretty severe hang-overs from all of the "end-of-the-world" parties that went on. And a few folks who were so convinced that the world was indeed going to end, may have done something stupid like selling all of their belongings and waited on a mountaintop or possibly a church, temple or synagogue for the great apocalypse they were sure would befall us all. Have they got egg on their faces today!

This isn’t the first time that people have been convinced that the end of the world was upon us. Prophets of doom have been popping up for years and there are always a few fools that have been convinced that they were right. Remember Christian radio personality Harold Camping’s May 2011 prediction that the rapture was coming? And then there was California’s Heaven’s Gate cult that committed mass suicide so the members could hop aboard the comet Hale-Bopp and ride off into glory.

The Mayan Calendar story, however, has strangely spread world-wide this time. It has probably drawn the largest number of "believers" in world history. That the carver of this ancient stone calendar in Central America stopped the calendar on exactly December 21, 2012, the date of the Winter Solstice, caused a lot of writers over the years to speculate that the Mayans had magical prophetic visions of the future and left the calendar as a warning to the world.

Because world events have become so extreme this year, it was easy to make a lot of people believe the Mayans may have been right. It didn’t seem to occur to them that the stone carver just ran out of room to extend the calendar any farther on that mystical oval rock.

A recent world-wide survey found that one person out of everyone surveyed believed that something extreme would happen on December 21. The world as we know it was about to either be destroyed or somehow magically change.

One odd rumor circulated that Pic de Bugarach, a French mountain, offered the only safe place on Earth to escape the ravages that would occur today. The story forced local authorities to ban access to the mountain for fear that doomsday believers would gather in mass on its peak.

Among the scenarios portrayed by the doomsday prophets was the strange story promoted by writer David Icke who believed a wayward planet named Nibiru, written about in ancient Sumerian tablets would sweep through our solar system and either collide with Earth or cause extreme havoc when it passed too close. Scientists and Astronomers have debunked the existence of such a planet.

Even the descendants of the Mayan Civilization, who still live in parts of the Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala, Belize, and parts of El Salvador and Honduras, have stated that they have no memory of such an end-of-the-world prophecy by their elders.

The Abba Father, a spiritual elder who communicates with us through my wife, Doris, also assured us that nothing was going to happen. The Abba Father said the significant date was December 3, when a great spiritual war would begin in the sky surrounding Earth. He said this would be a battle between dark forces that seek to destroy the human race, and counter forces that are here to defend us.

This war, the Abba Father explained, will not be seen, but it will affect the way humans feel and behave. He said the "Earth will tremble. A force is coming that will be unseen that causes strife and hardship."

The insanity on Earth seems to be reflecting everything the Abba Father told us. The mass shootings, the violent warfare, and inability of governments to solve problems both internally and abroad, are all intensifying as this war goes on over our heads. The war will last for weeks if not months. People will go through a period of great sadness and experience feelings of despair while the fighting continues.

A lot of humans will not survive the events that are coming, the Abba Father warned. Many that do not perish will long for death.

Those that survive will enter a new world and enjoy a time of peace and harmony. The world will be rid of the alien forces that have enslaved the human race for centuries with a religious, monetary and materialistic system that has trapped us in a personal quest for wealth that has been beyond our reach, the Abba Father said.

He gives us all instructions for survival. To protect ourselves from the emotional assaults from dark forces surrounding us, he says we must learn to turn on our light frequency and surround ourselves in a ball of light and love.

This is something we all can do. Just think of a single cell in our body and imagine it lighting up. The moment it lights, all the rest of the cells in our bodies will lighten. Once our bodies become a beacon of light, think of a large bubble of light surrounding us. We can do this by mere thought.

Practice this in meditation each day. Keep the light constantly burning. Send spears of love out into the community and the world around us. This will make us immune from harm during the dark days ahead.