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Good Or Evil?

The Metatron Inigma

By James Donahue

If Metatron is a powerful spiritual force out to control the human race, as identified by The Abba Father, we thought it would be a good exercise to learn all we could about it. As stated in an earlier story Metatron is spoken of in ancient Hebrew writings and identified as a high archangel, a member of a special group that is permitted to look at the very face of God.

Hebrew mythology offers two different versions of how Metatron came into existence. One states that he came into being when God created the world. The other states that he was at first Enoch, the holy man of the Old Testament who did not die, but ascended into Heaven where he was transformed into a fiery angel.

Israeli author Llil Arbel, who holds a doctorate in mythology and folklore, offers some interesting insight into the Hebrew stories concerning Metatron. She writes that the name Metatron is mentioned only three times in the Babylonian Talmud, and "all three relate to the problem of Metatron’s immense power, which may have caused some people to confuse him with God."

Arbel said one story tells how the famous Jewish heretic, Elisha ben Avuyah saw Metatron sitting by God’s side, occupying the same type of throne. The vision made Elisha believe that God and Metatron were two equal powers operating the universe.

The Talmudic refers to Metatron as "the prince of the world."

There is obvious confusion among scholars as to just who or what Metatron is. One view is that Metatron is the angel of life whose duties include guarding the Tree of Life and maintaining the akashic record, or Book of Life, which includes all of the good deeds humans do during their time on earth.

The other interpretation, offered by a channeler who received what appears to be a warning from the Archangel Azrael, is that Metatron, the Supreme Angel of Death, is awakening. This channeler, identified as Jill Harrison, the wife of writer Glenn Harrison, apparently has regular communication with Azrael and Metatron.

Azrael is well known in Hebrew lore as the angel of death. So this suggests that Metatron, identified by Azrael as the Supreme Angel of Death, is a superior power over the angels. Harrison, who obviously records the messages his wife speaks while in communication with Azrael and Metatron, also penned the following eerie words: "Now time grows short. We do not intend to take over. We wish to enhance your search for enlightenment and the truth."

Other writings by Harrison record direct communications that his wife has had with Metatron who appears to be giving helpful information designed to awaken the human race. The messages warn of the looming catastrophic destruction of the earth because of human activity, they say the story of Jesus was a myth built upon many older religious beliefs and that he never was crucified, and that the Old Testament is a collection of stories that are not a true record of the history of man.

Jill Harrison describes Metatron as a winged humanoid-appearing entity that stands about seven feet tall. He stands "all in pure white light with a luminous presence. He wears a long white robe with a gold brocade sash which wraps around his waist and crosses diagonally around his back and chest. He has long white straight hair, swept back from his forehead to reveal a handsome, youthful face. His hair is shoulder length. His eyes are all black; no iris or pupil or white surround; just all black."

To the Harrisons, Metatron appears to be a divine angelic being whose purpose in opening communication is only for the benefit of mankind.

The Abba Father’s messages also appear to be honest and sincere, and his prophetic warnings usually always come true.

So who shall we believe? The Abba Father warns that Metatron is the superior power over the electronics of the earth, which are numbing down the minds of the masses and setting us up for a disastrous one-world government that will enslave us.

The tricksters are everywhere, even in the spiritual realm. Receive these messages with an open mind. There is an old saying: "Beware the peacemaker. In the name of peace he will bring war, misery and death."