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Something Strange And Scary Observed – Antimatter Occurring

By James Donahue

The concept of antimatter is almost mythological in its nature. Scientists who think about such things as particle physics have referred to it as “the mirror of the universe.”

All that is seen and touched is described as normal matter composed of particles. There is speculation that the observable universe is “almost entirely matter” but some believe the dark parts of space may contain antimatter which is something apparently unseen. Thus there is some who think that the universe may not be as barren and empty as it appears, but is filled with antimatter.

It also is believed that mixing matter and antimatter in the same place would lead to the annihilation of both particles. If all of this is true, the explosion from such an event might be more powerful than anything yet created by man.

While scientists have never seen or proven that antimatter exists, they have developed theories in the relatively new field of quantum physics that suggests it has to be part of the overall weirdness connected with parallel universes and cats that are both alive and dead when left unseen within a box. If matter exists, then so must antimatter. Everything must be balanced.

Now, astronomers using the new Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope say they have detected gamma-ray flashes containing the signature of antimatter in lightning strikes occurring on Earth.

The telescope was designed to scan thousands to billions of light years behind the solar system for gamma rays, but it also looks back on our own planet.

Michael Briggs of the University of Alabama recently reported the findings at the Fermi Symposium. Of 17 gamma-ray flashes detected in terrestrial storms on earth, two of them included emissions of “a particular energy that could have been produced only by the decay of energetic positrons, the antimatter equivalent of electrons.”

Briggs said to have produced this effect, the normal orientation for the electrical field associated with an electrical storm somehow got reversed. The mystery now is how this could have happened.

The study of gamma ray flashes has been going on since about 1990, especially since lightning strikes have an effect on aircraft. This is the first time the presence of antimatter has been detected on or over the Earth.

Is there something significant about this discovery, or is it something scientists have simply overlooked or failed to see until they had a telescope sensitive enough to have picked up on this kind of energy field?

When we look beyond the field of science and enter the field of spiritual matters, we must deal with the predictions by the masters that our planet is preparing to go through a major dimensional shift.

Is antimatter going to become the norm once the change is completed? Imagine plunging one day into a world that is a mirror of this world, yet perhaps filled with love, light and the absence of greed.