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Surviving In A Poisoned World


A visitor to my message board recently noted that this site has done a relatively good job of scaring people about the poisons now planted in our meat, genetically modified grains and vegetables, and milk from cattle laced with cancer-causing chemicals that make them go into high production.


He also commented on the stories about modern homes filled with pressed boards that leach poisonous formaldehyde and the excitotoxins in artificial sweeteners and monosodium glutamate put in prepared foods.


"Yet when peering through the enigmatic articles we are left scratching our heads in wonderment as to what to do," he wrote. "What do you eat?"


He said he has tried being a vegetarian, but worries about turning to tofu as a protein source because it comes from soybeans that are most likely produced from genetically modified beans.


This writer also asked about the use of negative ion generators as a source of cleaning the air when people are forced to live in modern homes that spew the gasses from formaldehyde-laced glue.


He wrote that he and his family still eat fish and try to buy produce from the Amish, known to be pure organic farmers. "Besides chlorella and other green things, like wheat grass juice, can you put forth other recommendations of what to do to rid the body from these seemingly everywhere, toxins?" he asked.


The writer has obviously taken intelligent steps to dodge a growing world dilemma, but just as he stated, the task of finding good, wholesome and balanced foods to eat is getting more and more difficult with each passing year. Big business interests are so intent on making large profits while taking control of the world's food and water supplies, it is almost impossible to avoid assaults from new and unexpected sources.


Who would have expected Monsanto to sell a cancer-causing bovine growth hormone to dairy farmers to increase milk production, or that our toothpaste and drinking water would be laced with fluoride, or the Teflon in our frying pans would leach deadly gasses that make us sick?


Because of the column, I am constantly researching for stories on this and other environmental topics. Unfortunately, I continue to uncover shocking new discoveries that not only generate new stories, but bring about changes in the way my family chooses to live.


Here is a picture of the way my wife and I currently pick our way through this sea of industrialized and commercialized poison for profit.


We live in an old building with solid wood floors, doors and window frames. We have solid plaster walls. There are no cordless telephones although we do have a computer, television and microwave that emit a certain degree of radiation. Our home is located miles from any operating microwave towers.


My wife cooks on iron or stainless steal pots and pans. She avoids Teflon and aluminum. She has found that companies that advertise their cookery as stainless steel are often lying. When she puts a magnet against the side of the pan, and it does not react, she knows it is aluminum in disguise. Magnets are not attracted to aluminum. Aluminum is believed linked to Alzheimer's Disease.


We cook and drink from bottled distilled water to avoid not only fluoride, but a growing number of other dangerous chemicals now found in our ground water. We depend upon health food suppliments to get the minerals that we used to get in the water.


Like the writer, we continue to eat fish because we need the protein as well as the natural oils that fish provide. But we attempt to make sure the fish we eat are taken from the North Atlantic, where the toxins are still somewhat low.


We are leery of soybeans now as a protein source and keep our consumption of this low. We get our protein from fish, occasional eggs and by combining certain vegetables, like beans and corn. And yes, we too are now suspicious of all of the vegetables that come from the grocery store. Since we live in town and cannot keep a garden, we go to local venders that produce home-grown whenever possible.


Because of the spread of avian flu, we know that our consumption of eggs will soon come to an end, and this is troublesome.


Fish, rice, vegetables and fruit have become our main staples. I read only this week, however, that Ventria Biosciences, a Sacramento-based company, wants to introduce a new pharmaceutical rice mixed with human genes for production in California. If allowed, it will only be a matter of time before the world's rice will be contaminated. GMO seeds are quickly mixing with everything they come in contact with, including the wild weeds. They are all a form of grass and the genetic mixture spreads once introduced to the soil.


There are some powdered health food mixes that can be added to fruit juices and other healthy foods like bananas, pears and cherries that provide all of the basic foods our bodies require. If you search the health food stores you can still find one or two of them that are suitable for daily consumption.


The final solution will be, of course, chlorella. The problem will be to manufacture home chlorella growing equipment so we can make the stuff in our own back yards. You can buy it in health food stores but it comes as tablets and is too costly to be purchased this way for food.


Chlorella provides all of the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals for human life and it grows in even the most acute environments, including radiation.


Aaron C. Donahue believes it will be the food of the future. It tastes terrible, but it can keep us alive and healthy.


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