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The Killing Tide

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Donahue Issues Dire Warning To World:
Iraq War Will Launch Global
"Killing Tide"

Aaron C. Donahue, considered the world's top remote viewer, warns that a plan by the United States to attack Iraq could launch a global "killing tide" that will eliminate 5.3 billion people.

In a new letter, posted this week on Donahue's web site: he says that such an attack is "a convenient trigger that will enhance the prospects of a global war.

Due to excessive overpopulation and dwindling natural resources, Donahue suggests that some mechanism for a mass killing of a lot of humans is necessary to give a small number of survivors time to use new technologies to survive on this dying planet.

"Programming large numbers of people to die now serves a higher purpose . . . " the letter said. "It will increase the probability of a small population, via developing technology, to survive long enough to convert (their bodies) to a silicone based unit."

Donahue says future humans, if they exist on Earth, must be cyborgs. "Your planet ecosystem is now beyond any repair. You are living on a dying planet and time to convert is running out."

If the United States abates testing and use of a new neutron bomb, and reverts only to a   "conventional nuclear war" with China and Russia, "there should be enough life resources left after 2012 . . . for the required number of humans to maintain genetic diversity until full conversion and storage," the letter says.

In his letter, Donahue notes the irony in the fact that the end of civilization as we know it may hinge upon an attack by the United States on the very place where the ancient community of Ur, long thought to be the cradle of civilization, once stood.

"The symbolic and psychological implications of this attack upon Iraq are obvious in terms of cyclical patterns," Donahue writes. "All must return in some way to the beginning, but only at the very end."

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