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Electronic Noise Affecting Human Spirituality


By James Donahue

March 14, 2006


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue says the chorus of electronic noise that fills our world is preventing personal periods of badly needed meditation, is preventing restful sleep patterns, and retarding children from mental development.


He said we are bombarded constantly by televisions, electronic gadgetry, computers, cellular telephones and all of the electromagnetic fields that go with them.


He said children never develop abilities to expand their attention spans beyond about seven minutes because of all of the noise. One of the worst offenders is our own television programming. He said programs most often watched by children break for advertisements every seven minutes. This tends to shock the young minds to switch from one subject to another.


Donahue noted during his Sunday Voice of Lucifer Internet radio show that followers of the Luciferian spiritual path need to train their minds to escape this constant assault. That means escaping from television, cellular telephones, pocket electronic reminders and all of the other electronic gadgetry that preoccupies our day.


These devices are constantly “slamming our brains into Alpha state,” he said. He said the purpose of ritual in spiritual gatherings, remote viewing and other occult events is to “throw the conscious mind a bone and get it out of the way.” This is a way to trick the brain into allowing pure right-brain functioning which includes clear remote viewing, psychic visions and even development of the prophetic area of the brain.


The noises we hear are a problem, but the invisible electromagnetic fields, or EM fields, also are picked up by the mind. And we are bombarded by these things constantly, no matter where we live and what we use in our homes.


“Our ears do not shut down at night because we are animals,” Donahue said. Animals are constantly on their guard against danger and predators. All you have to do to prove this is watch a sleeping cat. Their ears are always tuned in to the world around them. A strange noise, or a simple calling of the animal’s name will cause the cat to spring instantly to a state of alertness.


Donahue said that he has noticed a change in the way people leave their bodies and travel in the astral during their sleep. He said most people now are traveling less, and when they do they don’t stay out of their bodies very long.


“You don’t have to look very far to see why this is happening,” he said. “Just look out your windows. Cell phone towers are everywhere.”


They have increased the constant bombardment of EM noise in our homes and to our brains.

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