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Aaron: Nobody Has To Die


By James Donahue

March 1, 2006


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue made a lot of shocking comments during his appearance with Art Bell on the Coast to Coast radio show Sunday night. Almost missed amid the talk of seeing lottery numbers, being possessed by demons and angels and building a time machine was the simple statement: “You don’t have to die now. You have a choice.”


What did Donahue mean by this?


He says he meant exactly what he said. Death is a personal decision and it is no longer mandatory for humans unless they choose it.


“Every death is a suicide,” he said.


People kill themselves by not taking care of their bodies, reckless living, or simply blindly walking into a deadly situation. If humans take the right spiritual path and learn to open that third eye, they can avoid the bullet with their name on it. That is because they will see the bullet coming and know when to step aside and let it pass.


Donahue says genetic engineering is reaching a point where babies can be assured to enter the world improved bodies designed to live long and healthy lives. Also stem cell research is quickly reaching a point where older humans can have new body parts grown to replace worn out ones.


He said he foresees a time when people can virtually live forever if they choose to stay around.


The irony of this is that just as the technology for this is on the horizon, we also find that our careless life style has overpopulated and polluted our planet to the point where the Earth is severely compromised. Our situation is so dire that the planet is now experiencing what some scientists fear may be runaway global warming. If they are correct, our planet may soon to too hot to support life.


Donahue says there may still be a way out of this mess. His solution involves radical solutions to radical issues, however. “We must first define the problem before we can seek answers.”


His is why he is proposing the construction of the time-information machine that will allow world leaders to glimpse into the future and see what will happen if we continue on the present course we are following.


He also is proposing the destruction of angelic forces that have held the world hostage through four great religious systems for thousands of years. Once accomplished, he said we will experience a paradigm shift that will lead us down a new spiritual path that involves preservation of the Mother Earth and formation of a one-world socialist government.


A single world government will bring an end to senseless warfare and wasted natural resources. It will firmly enforce a system designed to protect and preserve the life of the Earth.


While we may not be able to save the premature death of the planet, Donahue believes it can be kept going long enough for us to either develop new silicone-based bodies designed withstand the harsh new environment, or call upon Lucifer to carry our DNA either into the past or into another dimension. In case of the latter, we get to start over.


The silicone bodies will be superior to the ones we now occupy. If we get a chance to design and build them, there is a good chance we will be able to remain alive as long as we wish.  


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