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Aaron’s Mystery Predictions For 2006 Remain Untold


By James Donahue

Jan. 9, 2006


Aaron C. Donahue’s list of about 20 dark predictions of events looming for 2006 was blocked from the public during the New Year’s Day Coast to Coast radio broadcast.


Donahue said he was extremely disappointed that the radio host, George Noory, wasted the brief time he was allowed for his appearance on the show by challenging and forcing him to explain his position as a Luciferian.


Consequently, Donahue said he was unable to deliver any more than three of his forecasts for the year before the show ended. Donahue was the last of eight “psychics” invited to participate in the evening broadcast.


“The show was supposed to be with Art Bell but he dropped me on Snory,” Donahue told his radio audience Sunday. “I was terribly disappointed. Not only was I not supported, I only fired off three predictions.”


These were that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger would not serve a second term, the bird flu would not become a pandemic until 2007, and there was a plan by terrorists to attack a ship filled with liquefied natural gas.


Donahue said he also saw an industrial explosion in January that killed a number of people. It was obviously the West Virginia coal mine disaster that took 12 lives. But he said he did not have time to get this prediction told.


The other sixteen predictions will remain untold, Donahue said.


He said they are terrible events that cannot be altered so he prefers not to talk about them at this time. He said the Coast to Coast show has a large enough world audience that if he had been given the opportunity, and if Art Bell had been the host, he thought he might have gotten enough minds working on these events they might have been diverted.


Donahue said his Internet listening audience is not large enough to have any impact on what is about to occur.


Because the Christian radio host, George Noory, succeeded in blocking Aaron from utilizing that important media tool to perform a magickal operation, the world is now cursed to live through the ugly future that he has observed.


Since that show, Art Bell’s wife, Ramona, died unexpectedly in her sleep after suffering an asthma attack. Donahue said that had he been able to work with Bell, instead of Noory, he is sure that he would have picked up on that spike and been in a position to warn Bell and possibly prevent that unfortunate death.


“I am a sensitive. I know I could have saved her life,” Donahue said.

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