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The Degeneration Of The Human Race


By James Donahue

Dec. 20, 2005


Within the last three years, Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue said he has noticed a general degeneration of the human race.


“People can’t think properly and it is getting worse,” Donahue told his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio audience Sunday. “There used to be a sense of competency but people are losing it.”


He said he notices that products we purchase are generally shabby and poorly manufactured, services are incorrectly completed and there no longer exists a pride in workmanship.


Donahue said that along with the inability by most people to think and act clearly there has been an accelerated deterioration of the Earth.


“Today if anyone who smokes marijuana or takes acid gets a sense of panic. That is because the ultimate truth is revealed. People are turning away from spirituality because they can’t handle the truth.”


Donahue warned people not to get off the spiritual path because then they no longer have any hope of evolving.


This is not the Luciferian way, he said. “As a magickian I try to achieve perfection no matter what. We realize that all we do is part of the Great Work. The answer is never as important as the journey of life. It is the journey that gives you the answer. When you die you become part of the vast information system that we call God. Everything you have done is recorded.”


Donahue said that people caught up in the angelic-driven religious systems are programmed to wait for orders.


With the angelic realm now kept pre-occupied by the magickians and warfare with demonic forces, the orders sometimes don't arrive, or are confused.


“Those of us who are awake might as well make a joke out of their suffering,” he said.


Because it is dominated by the Christian belief system, the United States is a nation of the spiritually dumb, he said. “This country is right at the bottom of the barrel spiritually.”

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