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The Fatima Story Gets Twisted Again


By James Donahue

Dec. 19, 2005


A so-called “visionary” in the Philippines claims to have received a divine message revealing the true Third Secret of Fatima is the proclamation that Mary is God; Mary is the Soul of the Holy Spirit.


This claim, considered by some to be the Final Catholic Dogma, is currently being assessed by Cardinal Ricardo Vidal of the Philippines before it is sent to the Vatican for final analysis. The vision apparently has the Roman Catholic Church abuzz.


If accepted, the story will show that the late Pope John Paul II was lying when he claimed that the Third Secret was a vision of the assassination attempt on him early in his papal reign.


If rejected, it means the church considers the story by Pope John Paul II as the true record of the so-called Third Secret. The only one who knew the answer to this puzzle was the late Sister Lucia, the only surviving member of the trilogy of three Portuguese children who claimed to have been visited by an apparition of the Virgin Mary in 1917. The children were given three important messages, which were passed on to the church.


Two of these messages were revealed. They involved prophetic messages involving the coming world wars. The Third Secret, however, was considered so terrible that it was kept secret for as long as the children lived. Two of the children died young and Lucia became a nun and never revealed the secret except in a letter to the Vatican.


Pope John Paul II claimed to have revealed the secret following Lucia’s death.


But Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue says the pope was lying. He claims the Philippine vision also is a diversion from the truth.


Fatima was always about contact,” Donahue said. He was referring to an effort by a small number of humans to make contact with the true progenitor of the human race, the alien we refer to as Lucifer.


He said that when he remote viewed Fatima, he got a picture of step pyramids, like the ones found throughout the forests of South America, and an assassination attempt on someone standing at the top of it while thousands of people crowd around.


He said there is a shooting because this effort to make contact becomes a threat to the four great world religions, Donahue said.


“Contact has nothing to do with military might. Contact has nothing to do with secret societies. It has everything to do with our making a decision to do the work so that we can call forth Lucifer,” he said.


He said he believes contact will occur in South America. Donahue would not reveal the exact location, however.


He said the ultimate goal of the Luciferians will be to make contact with Lucifer in a final effort to salvage at least a remnant of the human race from going extinct. “We have questions,” he said. “We know Lucifer has technology, but will it help us? We don’t know.”.



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