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What Is This Siren Song Of Death?


By James Donahue

Dec. 19, 2005


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue talked Sunday about visions he and other psychics of the world are having now involving a woman singing a beautiful song of death.


“I am not the only one having these visions. It is a siren song about death. It is a beautiful song and I am having visions of people I know and of people I am yet to meet. I do not know what this is about,” Donahue told his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio listeners.


He said he is sure that he has been given certain information about this vision, however, that other psychics do not have. As if each has been given a piece of a puzzle, Donahue asked anyone with information about this vision to contact him by e-mail.


Because he receives thousands of e-mails daily, Donahue said people sending information about this vision must mark it clearly so that he singles it out from the clutter.


“When I receive your mail I will respond,” he said.


Donahue gave certain information over the air that must be identified in the mail to assure him that the writer has really had this vision.


“We must work together,” he said.


Donahue said he also has been busy using his prophetic abilities to examine events of 2006 and beyond so he will be assured of an accurate presentation during his New Year’s Eve appearance on Coast to Coast Radio with Art Bell.


He said he has been making some shocking discoveries and foresees events that he hopes can be prevented.


But Donahue said as anxious as he is to reveal what he knows, he is saving the information for the Coast to Coast show.


“I know my competition reads my website to steal what I have to say. This is the reason I have been very quiet. All I will say is that I have had some very dark and disturbing visions that are going to change the way you view the world. What I have to say will shock you,” he said.


Donahue will be appearing with at least six other “psychics” during the Coast to Coast show. All will be presenting their predictions for 2006. Donahue has been scheduled for last which identifies him as the “headliner” for the night. Listeners will stay tuned just to hear what he has to say.


Donahue says he also has been promised a full four-hour appearance with Art Bell early in 2006.



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