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War On Xmas

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Do The Math: Four Arch Angels - Four World Religions


By James Donahue

Dec. 19, 2005


The human race has been skillfully victimized by four arch angels that have each designed a religious system that controls and manipulates the minds of people all over the world.


This revelation was given by Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue during his Voice of Lucifer radio show Sunday.


There are four great religions that dominate most of the people of the world. These are Christian, Moslem, Buddhist and Hindu. Donahue, along with a group of cooperating magickians, has been dealing with four arch angels in recent weeks.


Each of the arch angels has been posing as a god. When people within these religions pray, they are praying to their angel. Donahue said the angels are beneith man and should not be replacing the god that exists within each human.


This, he said, is why there has been so much chaos this year during the Xmas holiday season. Not only has the concept of hanging Santa to strike out against the crass commercialism of the holiday catching on, there has been a big national debate over using the very name of the holiday.


Televangelist Jerry Falwell and Fox News have dubbed it a war on Xmas. Donahue laughs at the concept. While the idea has been discussed in past years, he says this is the first year that he has ever heard that phrase. He admits that it is a war. It is a spiritual war that the Luciferians have launched, and he says they are going to win it because the Christians are especially blind in their spiritual eye.


Donahue thanked all of the people who responded to his call for hanging Santas, and joked Sunday about the creative ways they found to alternate from the original theme. He said images of Santa with a bloody knife in his hand and holding the bloody head of a person, and various other concepts have been making local and even national television news


He urged others to join in the fray during this, the final week before the holiday strikes. He suggested other alternatives for the shock of Luciferian mockery.


Donahue told his listeners that there has been a social shift this holiday because of the work of the magickians in holding back three of the arch angels, and because of a decision by the fourth angel, Gabriel, to come over the Lucifer’s corner and work against the other angels.


He said we have only seen the beginning of the changes that are going to be occurring all over the world.


“Next year is the year that we will be slaughtering the angels,” Donahue said. He said he will soon be teaching listeners how to confront and kill angels, and eventually drive them off the planet.


“We are going to see a great social change on this planet,” he said.


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