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The Aliens We Fear Are Ourselves


By James Donahue

December 2005


Reading an interesting observation by columnist William Kowinski of the San Francisco Chronicle, I was struck at just how close the writer came to truth without actually finding it.


Noting that the new Spielberg version of the H. G. Wells classic “War of the Worlds” has triggered a line of new television shows this fall with an emphasis on fear from sinister alien invasion.


Kowinski draws a parallel with the original presentation of the Wells story, that time by a young aspiring actor named Orson Wells in a radio dramatization in 1938 that sent shockwaves of panic across the nation. Those were the years when amazing new electronic inventions were changing our world, we had just ended a terrible world war and Hitler was threatening to launch a new war of even more severe dimensions in Europe.


Then in the 1950s came a rash of B-rated films out of Hollywood depicting all forms of alien invasions. Indeed, as the writer notes, ‘the template for alien invasion was set amidst the suppressed hysteria of the early atomic age and the Cold War. We worried about Soviet bombers and missiles coming from the sky without warning, and used movies about space aliens to artistically depict our fears.


That the communists might also subvert from within, as warned by the McCarthy hearings, we produced “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” where aliens secretly took over the minds and bodies of unsuspecting humans.


When we heard of the horrible effects of nuclear radiation on the Japanese following World War II, we suddenly had films about mutated ants, spiders and other creatures showing up in our films. Warnings about the Biblical apocalypse brought such films as “Soylent Green” and “The Day After Tomorrow.”


The Hollywood script writers were quick to turn the human fear machine into a subject for their art.


And so it is beginning all over again, notes Kowinski. It is as if there is a new awakening of a fear factor from deep within our subconscious. There are the terrorists and the 9-11 disaster still embedded in our collective consciousness and sub-consciousness.


The writer notes that the Spielberg film opens with an alien-induced hurricane and shows the alien machines emerging from the ground instead of falling from the sky as in the original story. Both incidents depict a new fear of the Mother Earth striking back after years of our failure to love and care for her.


And here is where the Kowinski piece gets really spooky. He writes that in the film Threshold,” the invasion involves aliens rearranging the DNA of human victims. Indeed, genetics is our generation’s science of Frankenstein and “the mating of the biological and the electronic – viruses and computer viruses – demonstrates another aspect of our paranoia,” he wrote.


He continued: “These aliens apparently attempt to transform us into versions of them, proposing a kind of Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind: We have met the alien, and he is us.”


After coming that close to the truth, however, Kowinski disappoints us by listing all of the contemporary fears, ranging from terrorism and nuclear war to pandemics and global warming, and concludes that we have a multitude of things to be afraid of.


He then concludes that the extended mystery of the new run of television shows suggests that we don’t really know what we are afraid of at all.


If he had been fortunate enough to have tuned into Aaron C. Donahue’s Internet radio show Voice of Lucifer, or if Donahue had been given more public exposure on public radio and television in the past year or two, Kowinski would have had a much better handle on that fear now sweeping the collective sub-consciousness of all men.


It is true alien contact.


It is the return of the human progenitor, Lucifer.


The humans know it is going to happen and they are terribly afraid because they have been carefully programmed by the angels for thousands of years to be afraid of Lucifer. And that is so nonsensical because in truth, because he is our father, we are aliens all. The human race exists in the bodies of earth primates, but we are not of this planet.


Instead of welcoming the arrival of the one who made us, most humans will be hiding in their basements and in caves because they perceive Lucifer as a Devil. Only a few of us, with our eyes wide open and our minds receptive to this great event will be out there with open arms.


We shall not be afraid.




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