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Aaron: Christians Experience Terror When They Die


By James Donahue

Dec. 13, 2005


Very few people are prepared for death and most enter this natural transition from physical to spiritual existence with great fear and trepidation, Psychic Aaron C. Donahue told his radio listeners Sunday.


Donahue noted that the late Pope John Paul II admitted that he was afraid as death overcame him.


“Here was a great spiritual leader whose job was to help prepare (people in his church) for death and when it was his time to die, he admitted that he did not believe he was prepared for what was happening to him. He was afraid of death,” Donahue said.


“For all of his pomp and fancy robes, the pope was full of shit,” told his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio audience.


Donahue said he once was interested in a career in medicine and worked for a few years as a specialist in hospital intensive care units. Consequently, he said he watched a lot of people die. And he noticed that the only people who seemed to die peacefully were the true atheists because they were not programmed to fear.


People of all faiths experience terrible deaths, he said. They all go with fear and trembling, terrified of what awaits them. Even the Buddhists experience fear, but they are generally not in as bad a mental state as the Christians when it comes to dealing with death, Donahue said.


He said the Christians all panicked at the end. “They died in torment and fear.”


Donahue told of a Baptist minister who was not only terrified of death, but he was ashamed of his fear and asked to have his door closed so that nobody watched his death, or saw his fear. “He said he thought that he was going to burn in hell,” he said. “He then went into a perpetual panic. We had to keep him sedated because every time he woke up he screamed in panic and fear.”


Donahue said he found a direct correlation between the belief system and the way people dealt with death. “They all die in terror, but the worst deaths are experienced by Christians. Those stories about how Christians die with smiles on their faces and in perfect peace are all lies.”


Donahue said he has experienced death and understands what happens. “It is terrifying because you cannot prepare for it. Acceptance is the key to perfect peace. When you die you become part of the essence of a higher energy state. You will be looking at the light of lights.”


He suggested that there is a type of judgment at the moment of death, because this is when the veil is lifted and we know and understand the truth of Lucifer. “The closer we get to death the more we see,” he said. “But when we see the light of Lucifer it is too late. If you are waiting for proof this is when you will find it, but it is too late. This is when you will know that you are among the forsaken.”


Donahue said Pope John Paul II was cast into the abyss along with all of the other Christians and human souls that turned their backs on Lucifer, the progenitor of the human race. “Many of you listening today will go there,” he warned. “As your spiritual leader it is my job to prepare you for death.”


Ironically, as the world prepares for a killing tide and the probable loss of 5.3 billion people, Donahue said this is not going to be a good time for anyone to die.


This is because we are in the midst of a transition between worlds. The old world we are living on is dying. The Luciferians, Donahue explained, are preparing for contact with Lucifer and possible transport to a new world. The collective unconscious memory of all that we are and all that ever was or will become, exists because we exist.


Those that die now risk falling between the cracks and not finding the light.



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