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Aaron C. Donahue

Aaron Returns To Coast to Coast New Years Eve


By James Donahue

December 2005


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue will be returning to the popular Coast to Coast radio show with host Art Bell on New Years Eve for what is expected to be a spectacular night of talk radio.


Donahue says he will be going on the show with a package of startling predictions for the future guaranteed to keep listeners glued to their seats throughout the all-night broadcast.


Coast to Coast boasts to be the most popular talk radio shows in existence, with millions of listeners all over the world.


It will be Donahue’s third appearance on the show. His first was Oct. 28, 2003 with George Noory, and later on Feb. 15, 2004 with Art Bell.


Donahue said he regards the invitation to appear on New Years Eve with Bell a real honor because it is a night when the show draws an extra large number of all-night listeners.


A declared Luciferian, Donahue shocks his audiences because he denounces established world religions, proclaims Lucifer as the real father of the human race, and says that because we failed to take care of our environment, we are a dying race of humans now living on a dying planet.


“I pull out all the stops,” he said.


Although Donahue foresees a bleak future for mankind, he says there may be a way out of our dilemma, if drastic measures are taken quickly. Among the solutions are a move to a one-world socialist styled government, abolition of all world religions, and the establishment of a new order that assists mankind in both mental and spiritual evolution. This is needed, he says, so humans can summon Lucifer to return to Earth and give us the technology to either solve our problem, or help us escape.


A remote viewer who once trained under Maj. Ed Dames, Donahue has since spent years advancing the basic skills taught him and developing a better way of acquiring information. He calls it the practical application of non-historical data, or PAN.


Donahue has proven his ability to use PAN and his own psychic abilities to accurately predict future events and even see lottery numbers before they are drawn. He demonstrated his abilities by posting winning three-digit state lottery numbers on his website before they were drawn for six consecutive days in May, 2003. He produced almost perfect number combinations except for May 22, when there as an accidental inversion of a 6 into a 9 for one of the three numbers.


Donahue said it is a common error when using psychic functioning to look at numbers and get an inverted image. He said things are usually seen upside down, backwards, as if looking through a mirror.


Since launching his own Voice of Lucifer Internet radio show in March of this year, Donahue has made several startling and accurate predictions, and performed magical fetes that have stunned his growing band of listeners.


On June 5 he predicted that the fate of Saddam Hussein, whom he identifies as the character “Mabus” from the predictions of Nostradamus, would be known to the world on August 8. Just as he predicted, the story broke that afternoon that Hussein would be tried on charges of killing civilians and that his punishment would be death.


On July 24 Donahue posted a photograph on his website that he said was taken from a single frame of video film footage of a living demon evoked in the basement of his home. This demon is one of the 72 Spirits of the Goetia that Donahue drew pictures of following evocations in an abandoned and haunted Masonic Hall in 2002.


During his earlier appearances on Coast to Coast, Donahue predicted that George W. Bush would win a second term in office. He was the only psychic making that prediction at the time.


You will not want to miss this rare public radio appearance by a man who professes to be the best psychic and prophet living today.

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