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Children Can Be Programmed For Life By Their Toys


By James Donahue

Dec. 5, 2005


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue says the toys children receive from their parents often work to program them for certain interest and behavior patterns that last for a lifetime.


He told his radio audience Sunday that all children are programmed early in life to exist in the society in which they live. But America’s Christian-materialistic culture carefully directs children to follow the paths their parents are on, living a wasteful life on hobbies and meaningless interests.


Sports, cars, the movie and television industry and shopping malls are all designed to snag the minds of the masses, keeping individuals from pursuing mental and spiritual evolution.


Donahue said the male fixation on cars, some of them collecting and restoring old automobiles from the 1950s and 1960s, is a perfect example of this kind of programming. “They are still playing with Hot Wheel toys. They are still children that have never grown up. Their cars are perfect replicas of the toys they collected when they were little.”


He said Christmas consumerism has grown to be a western disease that has gotten out of hand. Parents seem willing to go deep in debt, extending credit cards beyond their ability to pay, just to assure their children a joyful experience when they open their gifts on Christmas day.


And the toy industry knows just how to capitalize on families, peddling costly high-tech devices that are marketed over television screens with amazing precision.


Consequently, most American families are caught up in what Donahue calls an excess and wanton desire for things they do not need.”


Donahue calls for Luciferians to consider a more simplified life style, with homes devoid of television sets, excess electronic gadgetry, credit cards and if possible, even trying to live without maintaining an automobile.


He says most Americans are caught in a routine of working on meaningless and low-paying jobs just to pay for all of the materialistic trash they buy with credit cards. Some people are forced to work two jobs just to pay the bills.


When people work that hard, they are slaves to the world numeric system, Donahue said. He urged listeners to sign up for a class in basic remote viewing that will lead into a special instruction to the practical application of non-historical data (PAN) and the ability to accurately predict simple lottery numbers before they are drawn.


This skill, Donahue said, will be offered to people so they can have enough money to maintain a simple life, and then devote their leisure time in pursuit of mental and spiritual development.


The class will be offered within the next few days on a new website at The instructor, Jennifer L. Sharpe, Aaron’s sister, has been trained by Aaron and is highly skilled in both remote viewing and PAN.


Donahue said he also will be assisting in the classes that will be taught on line.

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