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The Execution Of Santa Clause


By James Donahue

Dec. 4, 2005


Making no bones about what he thinks about the looming holiday celebrations, Luciferian radio commentator Aaron C. Donahue Sunday proposed public executions of Santa effigies by all who agree with him.


He said inexpensive Santa costumes can be purchased at department stores like Walmart and then filled with material to make them appear life-like. He suggested painted paper Mache’ faces with glasses implanted to make them look even more realistic.


Donahue then proposed a variety of creative ways to express personal displeasure with the crass glitter and insane commercialism linked to a holiday linked to a false angelic-driven religious system. They included:


--Hanging Santa from the peak of the rooftop so that he swings out of reach of horrified neighbors who would like to take it down.


--Staking Santa, as Vlad the Impailer would have done, with a wooden stake driven from his mouth down through his body and out his anus. It was a horrible, painful and slow death for Vlad’s enemies.


--Strapping Santa to a stake, with a blindfold over his eyes, while other doll-type figures point plastic rifles at him for an old-fashioned military execution.


--Tying Santa to a stake surrounded by firewood and set up flashing lighted material that makes it appear that the Jolly Old Elf is being burned alive.


--Laying Santa in the driveway and running over his body with the family car, making sure wheel marks are clearly showing. Best to leave the car partly on the body so the neighbors don’t steal the figure.


--Drooping Santa's slain body over the trunk of the car, or the top of the vehicle like hunters bring home their dead deer. You can add realism by pasting a hanging tongue on Santa’s mouth and painting Xs over his eyes.


--Hanging fake legs or arms of Santa, in his red suit, from the edge of the trunk lid, making it appear that Santa is inside the trunk.


Donahue said posting an anti-Christmas scene like this in the front yard will go a long way toward erasing that ugly feeling of depression that overwhelms so many of us during this wretched dark season.


And who knows, if enough people do it, the novelty of executing Santa might make enough of a splash it will get national media attention.


Donahue noted that there has been a strange movement afoot to remove the name of the holiday from the holiday, which seems odd. But he said he thinks he knows why it is happening. “They are subconsciously trying to get the name out of our language because they know there is something wrong with it,” he said.


He asked radio listeners to use their imagination and send pictures of their Santa execution scenes for posting on his website between now and Dec. 25. You can visit the site at



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