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Donahue Disputes Seattle Earthquake Prediction


By James Donahue

Nov. 28,2005


A prediction by Remote Viewer instructor Ed Dames that the Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington State will be hit by a destructive earthquake in 2006 was disputed by Psychic Aaron C. Donahue Sunday.


Donahue said he does not see any major earthquakes hitting the United States at that time.


“There will be lots of small quakes,” he said, “but nothing catastrophic.”


During an appearance with Art Bell on Coast to Coast Radio late Sunday, Dames said he and his “team” of remote viewers envision a destructive quake hitting the Seattle area “that will take buildings down and cause seawater to come in.”


Dames said downtown Seattle will be “a particular danger spot.”


Dames also predicted a number of diseases, including black mold in the wake of the hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, Avian flu that will kill many birds in the US., and prion diseases that will kill farm animals.


Donahue said it is already well known that black mold is a problem in the hurricane ravaged areas. He said mold is an old problem in humid areas but that it can be controlled.


While he did not address it Sunday, Donahue has been warning for years about the Avian Flu, now identified as H5N1 virus, that will spread from birds to animals and humans. This disease will not only kill birds, it is poised to unleash a world pandemic, Donahue has warned.


Donahue also has warned about Mad Cow disease, caused by prions in cattle. The disease already is spreading to humans who eat contaminated meat. It has shown up in deer and elk herds as wasting disease.


About other predictions by Dames, Donahue said they are nearly all wrong.


“The Earth is not going to tilt and the Sun is not going to explode,” Donahue said. “And there is no Planet X.”



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