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Bending The Pope's Ear

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Asking Catholics To Accept Biotech Crops


By James Donahue

November 2005


The New US Ambassador to the Holy See, Francis Rooney III, is urging the Vatican to promote the potential of biotech crops. In plain English, that means plant that controversial genetically modified seed.


This story has politics and big money written all over it. We have to wonder what links Mr. Rooney has with the big seed companies like Monsanto and Pioneer that are pushing GMO crops on world farmers.


Rooney is a successful Oklahoma businessman with some political clout in Washington.


He is the CEO of Rooney Holdings, an investment and holding company based in Naples, Florida and Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is the majority owner of Manhattan Construction Company, a firm that built the Oklahoma State Capitol, the George Bush Presidential Library, the Cato Institute headquarters, the Prayer Tower and other structures at Oral Roberts University, and is building part of a new visitor center at the U.S. Capitol. In 2003 the subsidiary to this company won an estimated $100 million in Pentagon contracts. 


This guy is now in the Vatican, by presidential appointment, with his mouth up to the ear of Pope Benedict XVI. And according to sources, he is trying to get the Pope to urge Catholics to endorse biotech crops because they are supposed to be good for the world. The spin to it is that the new genetically altered crops are designed to help feed a starving world. But it is a lie.


Genetically altered seeds are not good for the world and especially the earth. The aberrant plants are mixing with the natural plants of the world and altering their structure. Many of them are hybrids, which means they do not produce viable seed for a second planting, thus forcing farmers to buy new seed each year.


Worst of all, these genetically changed seeds are destroying the pre-biotic chemistry of the Mother Earth. Psychic Aaron C. Donahue says science is just beginning to learn about pre-biotic chemistry of planets through explorative missions to Mars.


It is from pre-biotic chemistry that life on Earth began. Each time the planet suffered a major natural disaster that caused life to go extinct, it rebounded because the planet, itself, possessed this wonderful chemistry that existed on molecular levels.


But Donahue believes GMO tampering and world-wide pollution from overpopulation and careless stewardship is causing the Earth to die from the inside out. The next time we go extinct, the Earth will not reseed itself. It will become another hot dry spinning body of dust and rock in space.


Will the Pope listen to Rooney? We believe he will. He already has demonstrated that he is an Earth Criminal by calling on Catholic families to continue having lots of children on an already crowded and dying planet. Why wouldn’t he let the angel in his head convince him the biotech crops are good for everybody?



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