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Yates Case A Strong Argument For Abortion


By James Donahue

Nov. 21, 2005


False testimony during the murder trial of Andrea Yates, the Texas woman who drowned her five children in a bathtub in June, 2001, has led to a decision by the First Court of Appeals to throw out the conviction.


A district attorney said the case must now be retried and that a plea bargain may be considered.


Psychic Jennifer L. Sharpe told Voice of Lucifer Internet radio listeners during Sunday’s broadcast that she believes the Yates case presents a strong argument for abortion.


“She had a large family and drowned them all in the bathtub,” Sharpe said. “She said God told her to do it. Her insanity plea was based on a claim that her medication was not working.”


Sharpe said she worries that Yates will be set free and allowed to go out in the world and have more children;


She said the strong right-wing religious movement in Washington to overturn Roe Vs. Wade and put a stop to women’s rights to abort unwanted children would be a step backward for the United States.


Sharpe said studies have shown that unwanted children are among the more abused children. It also has been found that a large number of the convicted felons in U.S. prisons were unwanted children.


“It would be better to abort the child than bring them into a world where they are not wanted,” she said.


Sharpe said the worst case scenario in her mind would involve a case of rape that leads to an unwanted pregnancy. “A rape victim could be forced to bear a child with the DNA of the man that molested her. She would be linked to that crime through the child for the rest of her life.”


She said this is happening as abortions are becoming relatively simple . . . no more severe than swallowing a pill and possibly experiencing a few hours of discomfort.


The Christian logic for stopping the use of the abortion pill is that if it that simple, everybody would do it.


Sharpe’s brother, Psychic Aaron C. Donahue, says families should not be having children now because the world is already overcrowded, the planet’s resources are overtaxed, and the Earth is dying.


He said called the Pope in Rome an earth criminal for urging Catholic families to have a lot of children.


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