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Donahue: America The Ugly


By James Donahue

Nov. 21, 2005


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue said Sunday he views the United States as an ugly place filled with ugly people.


“Look at your television screens at the leaders of nations like France, Italy and Brazil and you see beauty. But take any cross section of America and you will be shocked at the difference. The people in America are pigs. They are fat, inbred, ugly and very stupid, flag waving pigs,” he said on Voice of Lucifer Internet radio.


“You see it in the architecture and you see it in the landscape. When I fly, I look down on America from polluted coast to polluted coast and all I can see is industrial and urban sprawl,” Donahue said.


“If you look at a slide of a tissue cancer and compare it to the (air view of) urban sprawl you will be shocked. They look exactly the same. Humans are a cancer on the landscape. America is a culture of waste.” He said.


“And don’t look at Hollywood for relief,” Donahue said. He said that the appearance of glamour and beauty that we see on our television and movie screens is only a mask. The actors are turning to plastic surgery and make-up to hide their ugliness. “If you look at them up close they are freaks,” he said.


Donahue and his sister, Jennifer L. Sharpe, lamented that Americans seem satisfied with building and living in ugly concrete square boxes instead of taking time to achieve great architecture and turning the nation’s landscape green.


He said the Luciferian movement seeks to change this and introduce beauty into the culture once again.


Donahue said there was a time when builders, artists and musicians took their time and put pride in their work. But this is all lost in today’s society of waste and greed.


As Luciferians we must learn to pay attention to aesthetics, function and design. We must surround ourselves with beauty because it is good for the psyche. When you live in beauty you can evolve spiritually.


For us, beauty is important if we hope to match resonance with Lucifer. That is because Lucifer possesses a resonance of fantastic beauty.

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