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Runaway Star Racing Into Our Galaxy


By James Donahue

November 2005


Astronomers are amazed at the discovery of what appears to be a runaway star that is racing from the far regions of space into our galaxy at an incredible speed of 1.6 billion miles an hour.


The star has been given an official name: HE 0437-5439.


The discovery of this star . . . on the outer fringes of the Milky Way and plunging headlong inbound . . . defies all the theories that contemporary astronomy think it knows about star formation and how things work in space.


Because a giant black hole exists in the center of the Milky Way, and the youngest stars appear to be clustered around it, the general belief is that new suns are being somehow created within the black holes and are flung outward from there.


But HE 0437-5439 is a young star on the outside rushing inward through the oldest star systems in the galaxy, leading astronomers to believe it originated in some other part of the universe and was spewed off into our direction by some unknown force.


Now for the novice, a star is a sun. There are billions of suns comprising our galaxy. And for as far out into space as our technology has allowed us to gaze, we find other galaxies like the Milky Way. They are all in motion. The Galaxies are all spinning. The suns within them are in motion, and if there are planets attached to the suns, they are whirling around the suns. Some planets have moons which, like our own moon, spin around the planets.


The galaxies appear to be spinning around each other with some degree of conformity.


Thus there is amazing order throughout the Universe. Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue says the entire Universe is alive. He says it is a giant information system and that all of its parts are in constant communication with each other. That communication system continues downward to our planet and to all of the living creatures on its surface. It continues inward to the atomic and sub-atomic levels, with all of the particles in communication with each other.


Even microbial life forms, like bacteria, communicate, Donahue says.


Thus a runaway star like HE 0437-5439 could be something of special interest not only to the astronomers, but to all people interested in occult matters. If it is breaking the known rules and racing at 1.6 billion miles an hour against the grain as it rushes into our galaxy, this star may be sending an important message.


That message may become evident to us as astronomers watch the movements of this star in the months and years to come. It may simply mean that change is coming. Or it may be that all of the things we thought we knew about our universe is wrong.




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