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Aaron’s Oct. 13 Show Lost In The Ether


By James Donahue

Nov. 16, 2005


Followers of Psychic-Prophet Aaron C. Donahue, especially those living overseas, don’t always get to listen to his live Sunday night Internet Voice of Lucifer radio broadcast. Thus the archived recording of his show, and its replaying at various times during the week on the 24-hour radio broadcast, is a key ingredient for listeners wishing to hear the show.


This writer also keeps busy during each live broadcast, taking careful notes so that news reports can be posted to help interpret the messages and direct listeners into the Voice of Lucifer radio site for archive downloads.


You may have noticed by now that something went wrong on Sunday, November 13. There is no archived show and this website lacked information.


That is because the broadband system used by this writer to hear Donahue’s show crashed during a severe windstorm and we only heard the first few minutes of what he had to say.


Radio Host Dragon Kloud then discovered, to his horror, that the instruments he was using to record the show somehow failed. He said the sound was illegible. Thus there is no archived recording of Donahue’s Oct. 13 lecture.


That Donahue has been teaching his listeners about angelic controls and giving instructions on how to see future numbers in lottery systems is believed to have had a lot to do with what happened.


The angels control the electronic systems in the world. That the message failed to get out probably means that they did not want people to hear something Donahue had to say that night.


Thus we believe angelic intervention can be blamed for the system failures that occurred at that specific hour.


Dragon Kloud wrote of the problem:


“For those who will complain, I guess they need to remember that we have no budget and we need equipment. Most who listen to the show, that is 99 percent, have donated nothing to help buy the equipment we need to do a professional show.


“I am doing the very best I can do with what I have. Maybe this will motivate some to donate. Maybe people will be more inclined to listen live and help us get better ratings.


“Maybe someone somewhere taped the show. I doubt it since they all download it from the archives.” Dragon Kloud concluded.


He was quite right. In spite of an appeal for a copy of a download from any of our listeners, to date, nothing has been offered. One listener e-mailed us to say that he downloaded the lecture because he wasn’t going to be home that hour. Then, after listening to the show, he promptly erased it.


Producer Jennifer L. Sharpe said she is taking steps to make sure this never happens again. In the future, she said she hopes to have at least three different people downloading the shows so that there are backups in the event of future equipment failure.


In the meantime, the magickians, Satanists and witches who have been participating in suppressing the work of the three archangels are urged to continue their work. It is vitally important at this time that the leading angels be kept in check.


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