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The Effect Of Magick Intervention On Angelic Influence


By James Donahue

Nov. 9, 2005


Since Psychic-Magickian Aaron C. Donahue called on fellow magickians and witches of the world Halloween weekend to join him in a campaign to hold the arch angels in check, the world has been in a relative state of chaos and change.


And if you examine the news of the world with some care, you will find that there seems to be a shift in thinking among world leaders. And chaos seems to be filtering down from the top right into the streets, where people are rioting.


We have all heard about the riots and burnings of cars and buildings all over France, but the French are not alone in dealing with street violence.


Thousands of demonstrators clashed with police, sent stones hurling through windows and started fires during rioting in Mar Del Plata, Argentina while President George W. Bush was attending a Summit of the Americas. Sparked by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the crowd stood loudly opposed to Bush’s presence and the US plan to launch a massive free-trade agreement that would pitch US-styled capitalism from Chile north to Canada.


A similar demonstration, described as a spin-off from events in Argentina, also occurred on the streets of Montreal. Police said crowds became violent before the affair was over.


And in Ethiopia, police battled anti-government protesters in the streets of Addis Ababa, the nation’s capital, during four days of rioting. At least 42 people died in the country’s worst violence in months.


Not only did Mr. Bush score badly in Argentina following his confrontations with Socialist Chavez, he continued to be struck by bad political news on the home front.


Not only is his right-wing fundamental Christian cabinet reeling over the Valerie Plame mess, but a new story, this time published by the Washington Post, has sparked a call for yet a second investigation of a security breach that could lead to more criminal charges.


The story about CIA prisoner abuse, disclosed the locations of CIA “black sites” where terrorist suspects are being held in Eastern Europe and elsewhere. Senate Majority Leader Bill First and House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, both Republicans, have asked for the immediate initiation of a bicameral investigation.


A new poll indicates that President Bush’s job approval rating has fallen to the lowest level of his presidency. People say they are concerned about the way the Iraq war is going, they are upset about his fumbled Supreme Court nomination, and are shocked by the indictment of a top White House aide and the possibility of more indictments to come.


Voters across the nation expressed their disapproval in the way they cast their ballots in state gubernatorial elections Tuesday. Democrats were literally swept into office, even in predominately Republican states. GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s four issues designed to help reshape California state government went down in defeat as well.


And if that wasn’t enough, the United Nations General Assembly voted 182 to 4 Tuesday to urge the United States to end an embargo against Cuba that has been in effect since 1961. The resolution demanded that the U.S. lift its trade, financial and travel embargo and stop penalizing foreign firms that deal with Cuba.


Clearly something interesting is happening in the world. As Aaron Donahue said last week, there will be some chaos and unsettlement for a while, but once the angels are flushed from the heads of government leaders, we can expect interesting changes. And he promises that they will be for the better.


He is telling his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio listeners that the angels are parasites that do not belong on Earth. “We are the sons and daughters of Lucifer and we are going to take back this planet,” he said.


Prince Charles probably reflected best what should be on the minds of the people when he spoke to crowds in San Francisco last week.


“We simply can’t go on as we are now,” he said. “We have to find the courage to reassert the once commonplace believe that human beings have a duty to act as the stewards of creation.”


Hear! Hear! Well said Prince Charles.

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