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Aaron: Riots, Political Chaos Signs Angels Are Fleeing


By James Donahue

Nov. 7, 2005


The rioting spreading throughout France and the political troubles hounding the Bush Administration in America are signs that an Oct. 31 experiment among magickians to hold the arch angels in check has had a profound impact, psychic Aaron C. Donahue said Sunday.


Donahue told his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio audience that the unexpected move by Democrats to force the Republican Controlled Senate into a closed-door session last week to talk about the reasons for going to war in Iraq was a clear sign that the angelic influence wasn’t on the job as usual.


“That really pissed off the Christians who control the government,” Donahue said. “People in Washington are finally asking why. They want to know why we really went to war in Iraq. We all know that it was because of the energy crisis that is facing us now.”


Donahue said the riots in France were the result of a speech that triggered “unpleasant feelings in the Moslem community. There was a band of people influenced by the angelic shift. We will see things like this happen as the angels are driven out of government.”


He assured his listeners that in the long run, the world will benefit from having leaders who are thinking for themselves and no longer influenced by angelic whispers and manipulation.


Other world events that Donahue didn’t mention included a decision by leaders of both Pakistan and India to open their borders to send aide to an estimated 800,000 homeless and starving refugees following last month’s devastating earthquake that struck Kashmir at the Pakistan border. The effort by the two nations to overcome years of hatred and warfare was nearly destroyed by a bombing attack by a Kashmir rebel group on two open markets in New Delhi, but clear heads prevailed.


Another sign of a shift in thinking was downplayed by American media and easy to miss. President Bush was at a summit in Argentina Friday and Saturday, attempting to draft a 34-nation pact that would have opened free trade under a capitalist system from Chile north to Canada. His effort was blocked by Socialist Venezuela President Hugo Chavez who drew 100,000 people to stage a massive protest in the streets. Chavez says he wants to bury the US plan because it favors big business at the expense of the workers.


Donahue said the next assault on angelic influence will be more difficult, and it is going to take the Luciferians some time to master the techniques needed to make it happen.


These angels are the ones that control the numbers, Donahue said. They are the angels that manipulate the financial markets around the world.


He said he and his sister, Jennifer Sharpe, are in the process of setting up on-line classes to teach Luciferians how to see numbers and correctly pick simple lottery numbers before they are drawn.


“When you can see numbers, you will be able to use the prophetic area of your brain to see other future events,” Donahue said.


He said seeing the numbers, however, will be the key element to overpowering the angels that control the world through numerics.


“We are going to work together to take back our planet,” Donahue said.

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