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The Greatest War Ever Fought On Earth Is Now Raging


By James Donahue

Nov. 6, 2005


Most humans are trapped in a three-dimensional physical universe in which they are spiritually blinded by a veil that prevents seeing, understanding or remembering the spiritual existence thriving within plain sight.


Yet there is a knowledge about this other world. It exists in our subconscious where we are in constant communication with angels and other entities that link themselves to us. And there are ancient writings, including the Bible, that give reference to it as well as the entities to be found within.


Our problem is sorting fact from fiction, especially when we depend on the angelic-inspired Bible to interpret what is going on.


Due to the work of psychic Aaron C. Donahue, we have a grasp of the great battle that is raging between the angels and the Goetia Spirits (demons). The war will determine the future of the human race. The angels, Donahue says, are leading us on a deadly path to self-destruction, while the demons are attempting to stop that from happening.


It isn’t that the demons necessarily support the concept of mankind. The problem is that the angels are directing humans to kill the living Mother Earth in their quest to force mankind into final extinction. The demons share our planet and foresee their own destruction as well. Thus they are fighting for their own survival.


We might compare ourselves as allies with ideological differences united in a war against a common foe. It is much like the alliance the United States had with Stalin’s Communist Russia during World War II. Politically we didn’t agree on much of anything accept that we knew we had to stop Hitler’s Nazi regime or we were both going down together.


The war now raging around us is so intense in these final of days that these entities are beginning to possess human bodies so they can bring this warfare openly to our dimension. Those of us with spiritual understanding can clearly see the battles now being fought on Earth.


The problem we have is that the angelic realm has fooled most of the human race into a mental state where people are convinced that angels are gods. Thus humans are bowing down to worship entities that are underworld beings. They are aliens from other worlds. They are not gods at all, but rather spiritual beings that cleverly figured out a way to control us so we never evolve to the full potential we were designed to reach.


Angels now possess the bodies of most government leaders in the world. They are directing these leaders into yet a third world war. And if their “gift” of nuclear armaments is used, we might live to witness a chilling death of the Mother Earth and our own extinction. We could easily go out in heat and flame and then be no more.


Donahue, who has gathered a Sunday listening audience of mostly youth on his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio show, is calling on skilled and would-be magickians to use the black arts to fight the angels and try to get the spiritual forces back in balance.


Donahue teaches the need for balance in all things. The angelic forces and the demonic forces were allowed to exist around us to create chaos and thus impede the progress of man’s spiritual path. The concept was brilliant. By throwing obstacles in our way it forced humans to utilize their full brain capacity to think of ways to succeed anyway. In this way we achieved mental as well as spiritual evolution.


But the angels outwitted the demonic forces about three thousand years ago when they began creating religions that successfully imprisoned humans. The most insidious of these religions is Christianity because it uses fear and sexual suppression to put its subjects in constant lock-down.


Thus Donahue has set up his command headquarters in the heart of Christian America, and is using magickians to attack angels, beginning with the arch angels, or “generals” that oversee the legions of lesser angels serving under them.


He also has introduced the world to the 72 Spirits of the Goetia, thus releasing them from an almost frozen realm where angelic directed Christian fear successfully kept them out of sight and out of mind for over 3000 years.


Now that the Goetia Spirits, or demons, are operating once again, with their legions of lesser spirits, they are busy possessing vacant bodies of humans and preparing themselves for a physical war if they are needed.


This might be a war to end all wars if the angels cannot be brought into submission quickly through the use of the black arts.


The outcome is vital to the future of mankind, Donahue warns. If the angels win this war, the Earth and all life on it are doomed to extinction.



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