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Hitler Blamed The Jews For Angelic Problem


By James Donahue

Nov. 1, 2005


When Adolph Hitler turned his Nazi Party on the Jewish people he did it because he recognized the Angelic problem, but erroneously blamed a race of people.


This revelation was made by Psychic Aaron C. Donahue during his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio broadcast Sunday.


Donahue said Hitler psychically recognized the problem of angelic intervention into the lives of humans and set out to do something about it. But he made a grievous mistake in blaming the Jews because of their language.


He said the Jews speak Hebrew, which is the language of the angels. Thus the Jews became a scapegoat because the Jews have an angelic culture.


Hitler came very close to winning World War II, Donahue said. He said Hitler was stricken by syphilis and drug addiction during the latter days of the war and consequently began making errors in judgment.


Those errors cost him the war.


“If he had won, the angelic problem would not exist today,” Donahue said. “But it would have been solved at the expense of an innocent people.”


Donahue said unlike Hitler, he also sees the angelic problem, but understands the difference.


This is why he is calling on world magickians to help him block the work of the arch angels this week in an effort to force them back into their proper place.


For over 3000 years the angels have been fooling humans into thinking they are gods and demanding their love and worship. The angels have created the four “great religions” of the world and put themselves in positions as gods.


Angels also are entering the bodies of unborn babies and becoming their “holy guardian angels,” whispering thoughts and ideas in their heads and guiding mankind on a path of self-destruction.


Aaron blames the angels for the great world wars and all of the troubles that have occurred in the world. He says they have literally blocked man’s spiritual and mental evolution for thousands of years.


Like Hitler, Donahue says he is attempting to solve this problem before we drive ourselves into extinction.


He says he is trying to get the job done correctly.

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