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Where Will The New Earth Be?


By James Donahue

Oct. 31, 2005


While it appears that the Luciferian race of aliens is preparing a new place for a surviving remnant of the human race to go before this planet dies, the question remains . . . where is this world?


Psychic Aaron C. Donahue has hinted during various radio messages that it may be a parallel world in a parallel universe. Or it may be that the humans will be transported back in time to a period in the distant past . . . a time possibly just following the flood where an earlier human remnant was placed with the help of alien intervention.


Donahue says ancient pre-historical records and native mythology supports the latter possibility. The stories are found in the Genesis record, the ancient Sumerian tablets and other old stories that tell of gods coming down from the heavens and mating with the women of Earth.


The children are described as giants, sometimes with a third eye. These appear to be references to super-humans, or children with superior abilities and intellect, with a spiritual eye open, Donahue said.


These stories may be about us, he said. That we will emerge as new babies placed in women of that ancient time may be considered as a route for us to go. Thus the future for us is to be returned to the ancient past, to a time when cataclysmic events on Earth destroyed the trees and left only rolling hills with green grass growing.


Donahue mentioned the Hopi stories about having to go into the Earth and live with the ant people. He said the ant people may be a recollection of the alien gods who came among us.


When you think about the way humans remember aliens following abductions, they are entities with large heads, large eyes, small mouths and bodies. “They look something like ants,” Donahue said.


He said the stories of alien visitations and rock carvings that depict alien ships in the sky are found all over the world, and are passed down to us in various pre-historical records.



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