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First Assault: On The Arch Angels


By James Donahue

Oct. 30, 2005


Listeners to Voice of Lucifer Internet radio received instructions Sunday on how to use their minds to collectively overpower three arch angels that influence the work of the angelic realm on Earth.


“We are going to the top and taking out the generals,” explained Psychic/Magickian Aaron C. Donahue.


Donahue instructed listeners on methods for raising the frequency of the brain and then turn this energy on three of the four arch angels. The fourth arch angel, Gabriel, has joined ranks with Lucifer and is assisting in the project, he said.


Donahue told his audience last week that he would be teaching how to kill angels but that isn’t what is happening. At least for now.


The arch angels appear to be getting another chance. Donahue said the exercise by magickians this week will cripple the leading angels and prevent them from doing their work.


“We will force them into servitude where they belong,” he said.


He said he wanted magickians to do the exercise every day for seven consecutive days. “We will force them to make a choice.”


That choice will be submission humans control, leaving the planet, or death, Donahue said.


If they choose death, he said, the consequences could be grim. It will mean war. He suggested that the lower angels will be engaged in warfare with the demons, who now are occupying the bodies of about a third of the humans on the planet.


“We will win this war,” Donahue said.


“We are the sons and daughters of Lucifer,” he said. “It is time for us to drive these spiritual parasites off the face of this planet.”


The angels have been taking over humans and controlling the human race for over 3000 years, Donahue said. He said they have established the four great religions and made themselves gods to be worshipped.


The angels also enter the bodies of unborn babies and live there, like parasites, controlling the thoughts and actions of the host, usually throughout the person's lifetime.


This is the reason we have had wars. It is the reason people recklessly destroy our life support system, the Mother Earth. The angels are the reason humans have stopped evolving mentally and spiritually.


By forcing the angels to subject, or leave, Donahue said we could begin seeing a major change in the world. The change, brought about by actions of practicing magickians all over the world, could head-off World War III.


If you want to participate in the battle, listen to a replay of the broadcast any day this week on Voice of Lucifer or download the message without cost and listen to it at your convenience.



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