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James Donahue

Beginning Friday: Luciferian News Hour


The Voice of Lucifer radio system now offers a weekly news hour that re-caps the week’s news from a Luciferian perspective.


James L. Donahue, the father of psychic Aaron C. Donahue and an experienced professional journalist, hosts this new show.


Titled the Luciferian News Hour, the show will open every Friday at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. To listen go to


James Donahue boasts more than 40 years of experience as a professional writer, reporter and editor in journalism. He has worked on numerous daily and weekly publications in the United States and is the published author of five books.


“I cut my teeth on news writing and reporting back in the days when newspapers and radio reporters were real reporters. We knew what news is. I haven’t forgotten,” Donahue said.


“I believe I may be the only Luciferian journalist in existence, although I hope other writers will soon be joining us,” he said.


Donahue said contemporary writers and especially television news commentators are devoting too much time covering sensational stories and avoiding important information about events that will impact their lives.


“Television anchormen and women are glorified actors. They are beautiful people with Hollywood voices who pump propaganda into your heads every night,” he said.


“You hear what someone in a high corporate office decides they want you to hear. You never get the whole picture. In the Luciferian News Hour, we want to change that. We want to look beyond the tinsel and bright lights and give you real news from a spiritual perspective. We want to look at news from around the world and from inside government and corporate offices that will keep you informed.” Donahue said.


“There is a spiritual war going on all around us that is affecting what our government leaders do every day. You need to know what these decisions are and how they might impact your future and most importantly, the health and welfare of the Mother Earth,” he said.


Donahue also maintains a companion website to Aaron C. Donahue’s site called The Mind of James Donahue. To visit his website go to To visit Aaron’s website go to


The Voice of Lucifer radio now has access to continual stream so it will feature repeat broadcasts of Aaron C. Donahue’s Sunday broadcasts as well as the Luciferian News Hour. Other fresh new programming is in the works and there will be music that you can’t get on commercial radio.


The programs are hosted by Abacast which provides technology for improved reception and sound on either broadband or dial-up Internet receivers.

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