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World Magickians Uniting To Save Mother Earth


By James Donahue

Oct. 29, 2005


Psychic and Magickian Aaron C. Donahue will call Sunday on all magickians, witches and warlocks of the world to work with him in doing battle with the angels and stop the insanity that is destroying the Mother Earth.


He said the time is right this weekend for magickians, both black and white, and all of the witches and warlocks who practice their craft, to unite for this important cause.


Donahue said it is significant that Mars, the red planet named for the God of War, will at its closest alignment to the Earth (43,137,071 miles) this weekend. This occurs every 17 years when Earth and Mars pass each other on the same side of the Sun. This unique alignment of the planets must be construed as a sign from the Universe that the time is right to rid our planet of the parasites that have plagued mankind for some 3,000 years.


The French prophet Nostradamus spoke of Mars in a quatrain that names the “King of Terror” that comes from the sky. The verse notes that this entity will “bring back to life the great king of the Mongols, before and after Mars to reign by good luck.”


The great leader of the Mongols was Ghengis Kahn. Kahn had at his side a powerful magickian, spiritual advisor and shaman named Yeh-lu Chu'tsai who may be the real subject of this prophetic verse. There is a mystery here that was not resolved on the date presented in the Nostradamus quatrain.


The verse pinpoints this odd event as occurring in July, 1999. The date may have been off, or something happened within the spiritual realm that was not observed by mortal man.


Donahue will be revealing prophecy during his Sunday show and may be explaining this quatrain, which links the appearance of the great “King of Terror” to Mars. In earlier prophecies, Donahue has identified this entity as Huk-tuk-tu, a red-cloaked being that has much to do with events that are about to happen.


Last week Donahue announced his plan to utilize a band of magickians from all over the world during his Oct. 30 radio broadcast. Collectively, they will work to seek out and kill the angels that have controlled the minds of humans through religious domination for thousands of years.


He warns that the angels have one agenda, and that is to destroy the human race. That is because humans are superior to the angels. They should be serving humans, Donahue said. Humans should not be bowing down to them and worshipping them as gods. The god is within the humans, not the angels.


Donahue says the angels are aliens who do not belong on this planet.


Last week he told his listeners how to get rid of their holy guardian angels. He said these angels are parasites that attach themselves to babies still in the womb. They cling and control every human throughout a lifetime.


Angels are constantly putting thoughts into our heads that are not our own. They manipulate the minds of world leaders, and led humans into countless wars, overpopulation, and a general destruction of the Mother Earth.


Getting rid of the angels will be the first step toward healing the Mother, Donahue says.


He said he has received e-mails from hundreds of magickians all over the planet who heard last week’s show and are preparing to join him Sunday in this great performance of black magick.


If successful, Donahue said we can expect a major paradigm shift to occur. The world might be a different place when we wake up Monday morning.


You will not want to miss this live broadcast on The show begins at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Beginning this week it will be rebroadcast daily on continual stream. Listeners also may download it without cost for listening at their convenience.


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